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2019 State of the Internet / Security: Financial Services Attack Economy

by Akamai

Authored on: Aug 28, 2019

The financial services industry has always been a prime target for criminals. The tools used to attack financial organizations are part of an increasingly large and sophisticated criminal ecosystem. This may seem like an obvious statement at first glance. When you read industry reports, they tend to focus on a single aspect of the whole ecosystem, as if it were unrelated to other types of attacks.

We wanted to do something different for this report. In our latest State of the Internet / Security report, we study criminal behavior across this advanced and expansive financial services attack economy: from a popular authentication mechanism for staging credential stuffing attacks to the use of stolen identities to cash out ill-gotten gains. This report identifies leading DDoS and application-layer attack vectors, lucrative phishing variants, and how criminal stage decoy attacks to distract from their real targets. Attacks that prove successful in financial services often move on to other industries.

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