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Hexis Cyber Solutions, Inc., a subsidiary of The KEYW Holding Corporation (NASDAQ: KEYW) based in Hanover, Maryland, provides complete cybersecurity solutions for commercial companies, government agencies, and the Intelligence Community (IC).

Our mission is to ensure that business IT infrastructure is equipped with tools and capability to detect, engage, and remove both external and internal cyber threats. Cyber terrorists, organized crime, and foreign governments focus tremendous effort on commercial, government, and military interests as their prime target. Hexis Cyber Solutions' HawkEye family of products offer active, multi-disciplined approaches to achieve a higher standard of cybersecurity that is based on our expertise supporting our nation's cybersecurity missions to ensure that your business or organization can operate at its maximum potential. For more information contact Hexis Cyber Solutions, Inc., 7740 Milestone Parkway, Suite 400, Hanover, Maryland 21076; Phone 443-733-1900

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Whitepaper: Five Things To Do After An Attack The Unique Challenges of Dealing with an Advanced Persistent Threat

by Hexis CyberMay 17, 2014

After an organization been hacked, reducing the amount of time an APT lives within the environment is paramount.

To get the job done organizations must deploy a methodical approach that includes steps to detect/identify, contain - or perhaps not, and remove/recover from the attack as quickly as possible. But the process can't stop there. Attackers are increasingly creative in their methods of attack. To truly gain an advantage against attackers, security and IT teams need to become more creative in how to identify and remediate the growing number of security incidents the organization will continue to face. By adopting a proactive approach that includes the option of policy-based automation organizations can reduce the time and costs the team spends on incident response. Only then can they shift the bulk of resources from focusing on what happened in the past, to creating a safer future.

This whitepaper takes an in depth look at dealing with Advance Persistent Threat and will recommend five steps organizations should take once they’ve been hacked.

Whitepaper: Five Things to Do After You've Been Hacked

by Hexis CyberMay 16, 2014

It's only a matter of time before more organizations experience similar attacks. Why? Because hackers only need to exploit one vulnerability and defenders need to cover all of them. It typically just takes a single user unknowingly clicking on a link and the hacker is in. In addition, hackers spend 100 percent of their time focused on accomplishing the mission while most IT and security teams are tasked with multiple competing priorities, not only defending the network. Once these sophisticated attackers gain entry, the damage can be extensive.

Organizations can't expect to never get hacked. But they can expect to improve their response and mitigate the impact of attacks now and in the future. This eGuide will recommend five steps organizations should take once they’ve been hacked.

Whitepaper: HawkEye G: The Active Defense Grid

by Hexis CyberMay 16, 2014

HawkEye G is a dynamic active defense system designed to leverage existing security assets while providing advanced cyber security analytics and automated countermeasure techniques. The combination of the traditional signature-based and new behavior-based heuristics leads to heightened awareness of standard network activity and deviations that could indicate a potentially disastrous situation. Understanding the full threat and defense landscape is crucial for cyber security mitigation and the HawkEye G team has invested the time and resources into developing that holistic solution.

HawkEye G is a single deployable unit that easily integrates with an enterprise's current IT investment. Reduced human workload due to accelerated mitigation of network security events and automated implementation of policy means that human capital can be redistributed to focus on the most complex issues. Furthermore, HawkEye G's automated capability minimizes error, increasing the consistency and accuracy of detecting anomalies. Organizations will now be able to align staff capacity to evaluating surfaced network compromises rather than to threat discovery and investigation.

This white paper discusses how HawkEye G's unique proactive defense posture makes malicious actors' tactics costly and more risky than traditional cyber solutions, while decreasing the total number of successful breaches.