Integrating the Network and Endpoints to Detect Unknown Threats

Apr 01, 2014

Download Modern day attackers are launching increasingly more sophisticated, targeted attacks designed to evade signature-based security technologies. Despite having made significant investment in a range of protection technologies, security leaders still wonder whether their network has been infiltrated, how far the threats have spread and which assets have been compromised.

The traditional approach of relying on disparate network and endpoint protection technologies is no longer enough. Detecting advanced targeted attacks requires an integrated, multi-layered approach uniting the best threat prevention, detection and response capabilities. Security leaders are aggressively adopting specialized 'signatureless' threat analysis and protection technologies as a critical piece of this defense strategy-only to find these products do not integrate well with existing technologies such as advanced endpoint protection. This gap forces security leaders to allocate scarce resources toward piecing together the alerts and related context from across their fragmented security architecture and intelligence sources.