Build an Operations Stairway to the Mobile Future

Oct 01, 2011

Download It's already happened: employees, customers and partners are using smartphones and tablets from Apple, Google, RIM, and other providers. Between the consumer market and the rise of bring-your-own (BYO) devices in enterprises IT is under pressure to revamp and rethink its mobile strategy. According to Forrester:

� In the enterprise, already 51% of North American and 36% of European information workers pay for all or part of their monthly data plans.
� In the consumer space, 27% of US online adults use web and mobile channels to interact with companies, and that number will rise.

Everything from procurement and development to security and app stores are in a state of change. In this report learn the steps that content and collaboration professionals must take to support smartphones and tablets across the variety of multiple platforms and audiences and how to deal with priorities, policies, governance, and funding.


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