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How To Become a UC Adoption Rockstar

by FuzeOct 24, 2019

As enterprise migration to Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) services grows, user adoption becomes a critical challenge. Without strong adoption, companies miss the opportunity for UCaaS to drive real innovation for their work environments?because it doesn?t have the chance to take root within the organization. Technology decision-makers can buy the most innovative technology on the market and advocate for digital transformation all they want, but if their employees fail to use it,

Do You Really Know What's Running on Your Network?

by Gigamon Inc.Oct 02, 2019

Everyone thinks they know what applications and data are on their network, but is that really the case?

The Transformational Power of AI for Medical Imaging

by Dell EMC® and Intel®Oct 31, 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the business world. Organizations in nearly every industry are using AI to streamline operations and derive more insights from data. In many cases, this translates into cost savings and productivity gains. But there's one industry where AI is truly benefiting humanity.

Read this whitepaper to learn how the healthcare industry is using AI technologies like machine learning and deep learning to push their field forward.

Productivity in the Workplace: Eyeing Cloud Communications

by FuzeSep 25, 2019

Fundamental shifts are taking place in the workplace and the way we work is changing, driven by technological advancements, an increasingly distributed workforce, and evolving employee demands. A reliance on legacy telephony systems, however, combined with managing the proliferation of applications can be a detriment, making it difficult for teams to master collaborative, productive, and agile ways of working.

Shed Light on the Darkspace with East-West Traffic Monitoring

by AccedianOct 16, 2019

With North-South monitoring, you are only getting 20% of the data needed to troubleshoot issues. You need East-West monitoring.

When every server was on-premise and physical, it was easy to mirror traffic using distributed analyzers. That was then, this is now. Enter a more efficient and cost-effective East-West traffic monitoring solution.

Download this White Paper to learn: Why North-South Monitoring alone is insufficient Conventional East-West traffic monitoring,

How to Migrate a Data Center Without Compromising Performance

by AccedianOct 16, 2019

Looking for help on your path to the cloud?

Digital transformation and the movement to the cloud is happening now. With this migration, the benefits that organizations expect to reap include agility, control, flexibility, and improved network performance. And don't forget about cost savings and strong return on investments!

Migrating a data center to the public cloud without compromising performance is possible.

Here are three steps: Prepare Monitor Assess and

How is the Latest Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Technology Designed for Edge and Cloud Computing?

by Schneider Electric Motion USASep 05, 2019

Edge Computing and Cloud are two key pillars of new internet architectures. Thus, you must rethink the infrastructure solutions you deploy to support these environments, specifically Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) technologies. Organizations across numerous verticals ? retail, manufacturing, education, and healthcare, to name a few ? are finding that unique requirements are critical to operate data centers, including edge and micro data centers.

Zeroing in on Security for Collaboration

by HotshotSep 09, 2019

Enterprises and government agencies need modern messaging-based collaboration tools to conduct their business, but they also need to protect their intellectual property while meeting stringent compliance and privacy regulations.

A number of unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) infrastructure vulnerabilities exist in your organization?s networks today. Tackling these vulnerabilities requires a special approach to security that includes a zero-trust architecture,

Conquering Toll Fraud with Analytics

by Ribbon Communications Inc.Aug 26, 2019

Telecommunications fraud loss was estimated to be a $29 billion problem in 2017, according to the Communications Fraud Control Association.Don?t be caught off-guard; when your UC infrastructure is compromised, you don?t want to be the executive who didn?t find out about it until after losses mount and your company?s reputation is tarnished.

Whether you know or not, it?s quite likely that bad actors have already tried, or are still trying, to gain access to your unified

State of the Cloud

by InformationWeekJul 10, 2019

Cloud has drastically changed how IT organizations consume and deploy services in the digital age. This research report will delve into public, private and hybrid cloud adoption trends, with a special focus on infrastructure as a service and its role in the enterprise. It will examine the challenges organizations are experiencing, and the technologies and strategies they are using to manage and mitigate those challenges.
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