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Aqua Security Software Inc.

Aqua Security enables enterprises to secure their container-based and cloud-native applications from development to production, accelerating container adoption and bridging the gap between DevOps and IT security. Aqua's Container Security Platform provides full visibility into container activity, allowing organizations to detect and prevent suspicious activity and attacks, providing transparent, automated security while helping to enforce policy and simplify regulatory compliance.

Headquarters: 800 District Avenue,  Suite 310 Burlington, MA 01803
Phone: 7813624787
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Latest Content From Aqua Security Software Inc.

Webcast: Container Security: How to Protect Your Production Environment from the Threats

by Aqua Security Software Inc.Sep 05, 2019

Many organizations are implementing “containerization” strategies in order to speed application development, make deployment more efficient, and improve scalability. But the rapid growth of containers also has opened up new doors for the bad guys, who are increasingly finding vulnerabilities in hastily created containers and taking advantage of a shortage of container security solutions.

In this Dark Reading webinar, experts offer a comprehensive look at the security flaws and vulnerabilities inherent in many container environments and offer tips and recommendations on how you can detect and remediate those issues prior to deployment – before attackers get a chance to exploit them.

Whitepaper: Understanding Container Adoption With a Special Focus on Container Security

by Aqua Security Software Inc.Jun 12, 2019

This 2019 Container Adoption Survey reveals key trends and drivers of container adoption from over 500 IT pros surveyed.

Whitepaper: 451 Business Impact Brief: Security for Cloud-Native Compute Will Be Different

by Aqua Security Software Inc.Jun 12, 2019

The impact on security will be significant. This 451 Business Impact Report explains the requirements of cloud native security and why organizations should approach it differently.

Whitepaper: Securing Cloud Native Workloads on AWS

by Aqua Security Software Inc.Apr 16, 2019

This white paper describes the shared responsibility security model and what's needed to secure workloads on Amazon ECS, EKS, Fargate and Lambda.

Research Report: A Gartner Report: Best Practices for Running Containers and Kubernetes in Production

by Aqua Security Software Inc.Apr 15, 2019

In this report, Gartner recommends best practices for container production environments, covering security, compliance and governance.

Whitepaper: Demisto Secures its AWS-based Container Pipeline

by Aqua Security Software Inc.Feb 20, 2019

Demisto integrates security into its container-based development pipeline and at every stage from image build to container deployment and runtime. This case study explains how.

Whitepaper: Operating Kubernetes Clusters and Applications Safely

by Aqua Security Software Inc.Feb 07, 2019

Liz Rice from Aqua Security and Michael Hausenblas from Red Hat describe practical security techniques for Kubernetes. Developers will learn how to build container images with security in mind, and ops folks will pick up techniques for configuring and operating a Kubernetes cluster more securely.

Whitepaper: Forrester Research - Now Tech, Container Security, Q4 2018

by Aqua Security Software Inc.Feb 07, 2019

This report provides an objective review of security vendors that embed security controls in containers across the software delivery life cycle to addresses security concerns.

Whitepaper: Securosis Report - Complete Guide to Enterprise Container Security

by Aqua Security Software Inc.Feb 07, 2019

In this comprehensive report, Securosis provide a complete overview of the security implications of using containers and actionable insights for implementing best practices.

Whitepaper: 2018 Secure DevOps: Fact or Fiction?

by Aqua Security Software Inc.Feb 07, 2019

A deep dive into how security fits into DevOps, where security risks are, how they are being managed, and the top success factors in implementing a Secure DevOps program