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Awake Security

The Awake Network Detection and Response Platform accelerates security teams' ability to detect threats, including file--ess malware, malicious insiders, credential abuse and lateral movement. By applying machine learning to network full-packet capture data, the platform creates the a context data model that correlates, profiles and tracks entities encompassing devices, users and domains. Awake then codifies into this model institutional knowledge that today sits just in the brains of individual analysts. This combination of autonomously derived entity information and human know-how places the context that security teams need at their fingertips and enables them to respond to existing alerts and hunt for malicious behavior in a rapid, iterative and conclusive manner. Importantly, Awake delivers value within hours and without the need for agents, integrations or lengthy training periods.

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Whitepaper: Case Studies: Real World Incidents Detected and Stopped by Awake

by Awake SecurityJan 08, 2019

Now that security tools that have become proficient at identifying noisy, malware-based attacks, cyber criminals have adapted to using non-malware techniques in a majority of breaches. They rely on tools that already exist within the environment, abusing insider credentials or using SSL tunnels to legitimate sites for command and control. Attackers are also targeting the ever-growing population of non-traditional devices on the network, devices that often lack the same level of security controls. This means that security teams must now detect malicious intent that blends with business-justified activity, a task that is both tedious and challenging for most analysts.

The Awake Security Platform is powered by the real-world expertise of the world's foremost investigators. It applies artificial intelligence to bring these human skills to all customers, instantly analyzing billions of communications to discover every device, user and application on the network. Through autonomous hunting and investigation, Awake then detects malicious intent from insiders and external attackers alike. With exhaustive intelligence from the network, Awake uniquely identifies mal-intent to stop credential abuse, data exfiltration, and much more.

Organizations across industries use Awake every day to identify and stop modern threats from both internal and external actors with various malicious objectives. The following pages outline real-world examples where Awake was used to detect and stop interesting and sophisticated threats.

Whitepaper: EMA Radar Summary for Network-Based Security Analytics Q3 2018

by Awake SecurityJan 07, 2019

MAs evaluation is based on analysis of over 100 different KPIs in five primary categories: Deployment and Administration, Cost Advantage, Architecture and Integration, Functionality, and Vendor Strength.

Awake has been recognized for providing the greatest balance between features and costs when compared to a dozen other vendors evaluated in the Enterprise Management Associates Radar™ report on network security analytics.

"Network traffic analysis is proving to be a critical tool for organizations grappling with early detection and defense of continuously evolving threats. In our analysis, we found that Awake's platform is well-suited for detecting and responding to modern threats. It had outstanding ROI and was ranked #1 in cost-efficiency based on price vs. features, thus delivering great value for the cost." - David Monahan, Managing Research Director at EMA

Awake's Network Detection and Response Platform helps organizations detect and hunt for threats missed by traditional security solutions. Its network traffic analysis platform analyzes every packet on the network to automatically discover, track and build profiles of devices, users, applications and who they interact with, while flagging and ranking suspicious activity. This gives security teams the tools they need to rapidly explore that activity then and take required action.

Research Report: 451 Research: Network Traffic Analysis Opens the Eyes of the SOC

by Awake SecurityJan 04, 2019

Security threats that are not instantly blocked eventually turn into incidents that first must be detected, and then human security specialists need to intervene. Awake's platform takes a unique approach by using network traffic analysis to automate hunting down threats.

In this new 451 Research report, Eric Ogren breaks down how Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) is gaining traction for its ability to detect threats operating in the network after eluding prevention products. However, most NTA products are tuned to detect threats based on a prior knowledge of attack behaviors or machine learning to expose anomalies in traffic patterns - resulting in alerts requiring investigation by a human for triage, deeper understanding and remediation.

The key takeaways include:
1) SOC teams are increasingly turning to network traffic analysis (NTA) for data analysis
2) Understand how threat hunting becomes more efficient with network traffic analysis
3) Learn how to spot attacker tactics and techniques that SOC teams have been missing
4) Discover how to detect attackers that blend in so well with authorized business traffic on your network

Whitepaper: The Advent of Advanced Network Traffic Analysis & Why it Matters

by Awake SecurityJan 04, 2019

Over the last few years, so many of the breaches have shown that a prevention-only, perimeter-focused security approach is simply not going to be enough for an organization looking to manage their risk. As attacks have evolved to be long running industry analysts point out that detection and response are now a top priority for organizations.

Simultaneously, we see the embrace of cloud computing, new DevOps processes, the sprawl of devices through IoT, and other such efforts lead to the lack of visibility-a key impediment in effective detection and response.

The answer lies in the network, which sees everything and offers a ground-truth reality that other data sources can struggle with. Rapid network detection and response ultimately lowers the amount of time an attacker operates in the network and thus minimizes the impact.

In this paper, you will learn more about:
1) The Evolution of Network Security
2) Behavioral Analytics
3) Advanced Network Traffic Analysis

Whitepaper: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Security Teams

by Awake SecurityJan 04, 2019

The job of defending the enterprise is continually evolving. It is often tempting to think that buying into the latest technology trends (which there is currently no shortage of, with machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain and more!) will offer protection. However, companies spend millions of dollars on the latest technologies and yet get compromised.

With a projected cybersecurity job shortage of 3.5 million by 2021, it is crucial now more than ever that security teams establish a repeatable process rhythm that drives consistency and gives them the best shot at protecting their organizations successfully.

Based on conversations with over two hundred security teams, we map the recurring best practices to Stephen Covey's original seven habits.

The 7 Habits are:
1) Manage your four data sources
2) Protect what really matters
3) Put first things first
4) More...