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Expanse, Inc.

Digital transformation has led to a massive increase in Internet-connected devices, new services, and cloud infrastructure. The speed at which things can change has led to attack surfaces which are constantly shifting and evolving. At the same time, technology has evolved that can help you track and control your attack surface and secure your Internet assets. Expanse indexes the entire global Internet to discover, track, and monitor what belongs to your organization. This global, real-time perspective zeroes-in on your assets and can help highlight if they're talking to something bad. This big-picture approach provides value across security, IT operations, DevOps, and executive leadership and encourages collaboration between them. It's more than intelligence. it's protection for your digital transformation.

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Latest Content From Expanse, Inc.

Webcast: Cloud Sprawl: It’s Worse Than You Think

by Expanse, Inc.Dec 05, 2019

Organizations today are blind to how many assets they have in the cloud. Many assume they're only in the three major cloud providers (Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure). But in practice, most organizations are in ten or more providers. And if you don’t know about all of your cloud instances, you can’t secure them appropriately. Join us on December 5th to learn how to get complete visibility into your cloud infrastructure with the Expanse Internet Operations Management Platform and reduce your cloud attack surface.

Whitepaper: Tracking your Ever-Changing Internet Edge

by Expanse, Inc.Mar 01, 2019

Your organization's Internet Edge is made up of all of the devices, infrastructure, and services that are Internet-exposed. Adversaries are constantly searching the global Internet for process gaps, policy violations, and human errors that allow them to breach your Internet Edge and gain access to your network. It only takes one unknown or forgotten asset to give them that foothold. IT operations and security teams must know and manage the risk posed by all devices and services running on their Internet Edge, and this whitepaper details the technology and perspectives they should consider in order to secure their constantly changing Internet attack surface and protect your organization's Internet Edge.

Whitepaper: Discovering Your Total Cloud Footprint

by Expanse, Inc.Nov 20, 2018

In order to gain complete visibility into all of your organization's cloud assets, you cannot focus just on assets managed within known IaaS accounts. You must index everything routable on the public Internet to discover all your cloud assets, including those outside management, to ensure nothing is missed. Learn how a well-executed whole-Internet cloud discovery can provide substantial business value to organizations.

Whitepaper: Know Your Unknowns With a Master IP Address List Audit

by Expanse, Inc.Nov 20, 2018

Knowing your network is the most foundational step in building a secure organization, but many organizations overlook important edge cases and even mundane events that lead to an incomplete view of their network. Learn the benefits of using a whole-Internet approach to IP address discovery.

Whitepaper: Edge Expander

by Expanse, Inc.Nov 20, 2018

Your Internet-facing assets are constantly under attack from targeted and opportunistic attackers. Without a continuously updated, accurate inventory of those assets, you leave unknown or unmonitored assets exposed to threats. Edge Expander discovers and helps remediate any exposures on those assets.

Whitepaper: Edge Behavior

by Expanse, Inc.Nov 20, 2018

Discover communication flowing between assets on your attack surface and those outside without the burden of network traffic collection, analysis, or costly infrastructure. Edge Behavior intelligently identifies assets in your inventory that are making risky connections to out-of-policy services like Tor and BitTorrent, without needing to instrument any of your ingress or egress points.