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Webcast: How To Become a UC Adoption Rockstar

by FuzeNov 13, 2019

As enterprise migration to Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) services grows, user adoption becomes a critical challenge. Without strong adoption, companies miss the opportunity for UCaaS to drive real innovation for their work environments—because it doesn’t have the chance to take root within the organization. Technology decision-makers can buy the most innovative technology on the market and advocate for digital transformation all they want, but if their employees fail to use it, the benefit of the investment is lost entirely. 

Webcast: Productivity in the Workplace: Eyeing Cloud Communications

by FuzeOct 16, 2019

Fundamental shifts are taking place in the workplace and the way we work is changing, driven by technological advancements, an increasingly distributed workforce, and evolving employee demands. A reliance on legacy telephony systems, however, combined with managing the proliferation of applications can be a detriment, making it difficult for teams to master collaborative, productive, and agile ways of working.