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Arctic Wolf Networks

Arctic Wolf redefines the economics of security with a turnkey SOC-as-a-service that deploys in minutes. Concierge Security Engineers use the AWN Platform to provide tactical and strategic insights into your security to answer the question, "Am I safe?" We lead the industry in making security simple, actionable and affordable for mid-market companies.

AWN CyberSOC eliminates the need to build your own SOC, which requires a SIEM, additional security products and security staff. We fortify your security infrastructure with comprehensive "detection and response." We identify attacks that bypass perimeter defenses, such as advanced persistent threats and breaches due to human fallibility. Hundreds of companies trust us to deliver insights without the noise and keep them safe.

Headquarters: 111 W. Evelyn Ave, Suite 115, Sunnyvale 94086
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Latest Content From Arctic Wolf Networks

Research Report: Frost & Sullivan Report: SOC-as-a-Service Versus DIY SOC

by Arctic Wolf NetworksNov 09, 2018

Cybersecurity strategies often require a trade-off between overall effectiveness and the cost of cybersecurity controls. So, how do you determine what is the total cost of ownership (TCO) of people, process and technologies that keep any organization's assets protected from cybercriminals and malicious insiders?

In this cost analysis conducted by Frost & Sullivan, they determined that organizations with few, if any, dedicated infosec personnel spend over a three-year period up to 8.8 times more building and operating their own security operations center (SOC), versus subscribing to SOC-as-a-service (SOCaaS)—in this case, Arctic Wolf's AWN CyberSOC™ service.

Download the report now for details on Frost & Sullivan's TCO analysis.

Whitepaper: A Cybersecurity Checklist for SaaS Applications

by Arctic Wolf NetworksNov 09, 2018

Today's digital perimeters grant authorized users anytime/anywhere access to sensitive business data. Because of this, SaaS-heavy IT environments introduce a higher complexity to threat detection and response efforts.

This checklist helps identify some of the core security-related SaaS activities that companies should continuously monitor and associates them to the types of incidents that may potentially be detected. Download it today!

Whitepaper: Burnt by a SIEM

by Arctic Wolf NetworksSep 11, 2018

Many IT teams invest in a security information and event management (SIEM) tool, thinking it will be the "magic bullet", providing comprehensive visibility into the critical security threats that impact their business. With SIEM implementation, which typically takes more than 12 months to start delivering value, where does it all go wrong?

If your SIEM isn't delivering, don't despair. And don't throw good money after bad! Download this brief to discover how a SOC-as-a-service can help. It's about people and processes too, not just technology.

E-Book: Definitive Guide to SOC-as-a-Service

by Arctic Wolf NetworksSep 11, 2018

No organization is immune to cyberattacks. That's why, companies of every size need advanced security capabilities in the form of a security operations center (SOC). And now, any company can obtain the state-of-the-art security capabilities they need to detect and respond to advanced security threats in real time. The Definitive Guide to SOC-as-a-Service explains:

• How cyberthreats impact your business
• Security operations center deployment options
• Why SOC-as-a-service is the right choice for SMEs

Whitepaper: Cloud Security: Combat Threats to Your SaaS-Powered Business

by Arctic Wolf NetworksSep 10, 2018

Businesses of all sizes are increasingly threatened by various types of cyberattacks. But without knowing what they are, or how they operate, it's impossible to protect your data assets from upcoming attacks. This white paper provides insights into:

• Cloud migration's unique security concerns
• The most common threats to SaaS applications
• How SOC-as-a-service helps secure data both on-premises and in the cloud

Download the white paper today! Find out how your organization can leverage the cloud without compromising your overall security posture.

Research Report: SOC-as-a-Service for Cloud Infrastructures and SaaS Applications

by Arctic Wolf NetworksSep 10, 2018

A hybrid architecture makes it easier to conduct business, but it poses new challenges in terms of security, which becomes a shared responsibility between cloud providers and enterprises.

Attackers are well aware of this shared responsibility security model. Today, they increasingly exploit end-user confusion and security oversight, along with innate vulnerabilities in cloud deployments, to attack enterprises that naively believe they're secure. This solution brief provides insights for how to:

• Accelerate monitoring of your cloud services
• Gain visibility into attacks targeting cloud services
• Take advantage of Arctic Wolf's SOC-as-a-service

Download this solution brief to learn more.

Whitepaper: Why Choose MDR Over MSSP or SIEM?

by Arctic Wolf NetworksJun 08, 2018

Software-as-a-service models increasingly deliver popular business applications through the cloud, and cybersecurity applications are no exception. This is good news for small-to-midsize enterprises (SMEs) that can't easily afford in-house security technologies like SIEM, and lack security experts on their IT staff to manage them.

SOC-as-a-service is a turnkey security solution with several advantages over in-house SIEMs and MSSPs. It employs a scalable, cloud-based SOC with human-augmented machine learning (Hybrid AI) and a predictable pricing model to give SMEs managed detection and response (MDR) capabilities, enabling them to quickly respond to and prevent or mitigate attacks.

To see why a cloud-based security operations center (SOC)-as-a-service has rapidly become the preferred approach for advanced threat detection, download the whitepaper now.

Whitepaper: Case Study on SIEM/SOC Options

by Arctic Wolf NetworksJun 08, 2018

Austin, TX-based Trusource Labs has experienced momentous growth since its founding in 2013. Trusource now has more than 575 employees and an international operations center Ireland that enables the company to provide 24/7 support. As it expands its business operations and client base, however, cybersecurity has become a leading concern.

For these reasons and others, Trusource knew it needed more than the endpoint and firewall protection it had in place. It sought an all-encompassing security solution that could defend against potential threats anywhere and anytime, without exhausting its existing IT staff and resources. See why Trusource decided against building a security operations center (SOC) internally and discovered that SOC-as-a-service was the best choice. Download this case study now.

E-Book: Protecting Against the Top 5 Attack Vectors

by Arctic Wolf NetworksJun 08, 2018

Are You Secure from the Top Five Forms of Cyberattacks?

Arctic Wolf's security experts spend each day on the front lines of today's cyberwars, protecting customers from cyberattacks in an increasingly dangerous threat landscape. As breaches occur with greater frequency, businesses of every size need to enhance their cybersecurity postures.

As in any battle, it's critical to recognize the enemy and know what you're up against. In this eBook, "Protecting Against the Top 5 Attack Vectors," you'll discover what our Concierge Security Engineers have found are the most common cyberthreats putting sensitive data at risk, and learn about:

• The modus operandi of each attack vector and counter measures you can take
• Where in the cyber kill chain these attacks can be detected and stopped
• Why a SOC-as-a-service solution is the best defense

Download the eBook to learn more.

Whitepaper: Combat the Top Five Cyberattacks with Managed Detection and Response

by Arctic Wolf NetworksJun 08, 2018

Cyberattacks are disrupting businesses of all sizes more than ever before. Cybercriminals use a variety of techniques to gain access to data, but five methods stand out above all others. Learn about how to detect these attacks and what you can do in response to mitigate any potential damage to your firm's assets.

Download the white paper to see why MDR is a key solution for SMEs in addressing these challenges, enabling them to benefit from the advanced technology and security expertise that large enterprises typically enjoy.