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Allied Telesyn

Founded in 1987 with the goal of producing feature-rich, reliable, standards-based networking products, Allied Telesyn has a proven record in bridging the gap left by other networking manufacturers, whose solutions are limited in scope or cost-prohibitive.

By taking cues directly from customers, we've evolved a market-focused approach to system development that is geared to applications, rather than components. And by concentrating on end-to-end solutions for vertical applications, we avoid the scattershot, company-focused approach common in the industry. Our tagline: "It's our Network, too" is a testament to our high-level of accountability and investment in our customers' success.

Allied Telesyn focuses entirely on end-to-end, purpose-built Ethernet/IP applications for the access edge; with a product line that includes Layer 2 & 3 switches, fiber/copper Multiservice Access Platforms, and CPE. We're the leading manufacturer of media converters, unmanaged Fast Ethernet switches/hubs, fiber-optic network adapters and other diverse interconnectivity products, worldwide.

Our customer-driven approach-with a value-based pricing scheme and superlative service organization-has made Allied Telesyn a global networking leader, with more than 17 years of profitability and products deployed in 30 countries worldwide. Allied Telesyn: the ideal choice for cost-conscious IT professionals looking for high-quality, feature-rich network solutions at a lower price.

Phone: 1-800-424-4284
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