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Accel Partners

In order to bring greater understanding, experience and a "prepared mind" to Accel's portfolio companies, we focus exclusively on two sectors: Networking and Software.

By focusing, we believe we can contribute more deeply to the development of winning companies. Our contributions extend well beyond financing and include strategic guidance, recruiting, business development and partnering.

Relationships with the right strategic partners are critical to a new company's success. Accel's focused experience and network allows us to contribute substantially to this dimension of our companies' development.

Accel's relationship with the entrepreneur is built on a shared commitment to excellence, a common culture that has led to an unusually high proportion of successful ventures. Indeed, a major source of our satisfaction is our working relationship with entrepreneurs who have the character and ambition needed to build world-class technology companies.

Accel's Firsts:

First Telecommunications Venture Capital Fund

In 1985, Accel raised the Accel Telecom Fund, the first venture capital fund focused on investments in this critical sector. This focus on the carriers and products designed for their networks has remained a core part of Accel's strategy.

One of the First Investments on the Internet

In 1992 Accel began its systematic "prepared mind" investigation of opportunities in the Internet. This investigation turned to investment in 1993 when Accel led the early-stage financing of UUNET Technologies, one of the first venture capital investments in the Internet.

First Venture Capital Firm on the Interne \t

Also in 1993, Accel became the first venture capital firm with a site on the World Wide Web. Since that time, we have abandoned all printed literature and rely exclusively on this web site for conveying information about Accel.

First Internet Venture Capital Fund

In 1995, Accel raised the Accel Internet Strategic Technology Fund, a base of capital contributed by corporations and entrepreneurs seeking to get actively involved with early-stage Internet companies.

First New Venture Partnership with KKR

In 2000, Accel and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR), a leading private equity firm with expertise in building value at large corporations, created a joint venture called Accel-KKR that will focus on the next wave of technology venture development - the leveraging of technology assets of large corporations.

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