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Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 8

Information Week
InformationWeek Daily - Friday, March 20, 2009

Editor's Note

Oracle CEO Ellison: We'll Keep Taking Market Share

Oracle will "continue to take market share from [SAP] for years to come," has produced a better database machine than Teradata, and is taking database share from both Microsoft and IBM -- all because of the $3 billion Oracle invests each year in R&D, CEO Larry Ellison said Wednesday.

As noted in a news story by InformationWeek's Mary Hayes Weier, Ellison said in a conference call with financial analysts that Oracle's commitment to cloud computing is more vigorous than SAP's, and that Oracle has simply made investments in new-product development that SAP has not matched.

In making those points yesterday (link good through March 25), Ellison's references to Oracle's commitment to cloud computing did not include the dismissive type of language he's used in the past when referring to SaaS or cloud-based products. In a conference call with analysts three months ago, he mentioned those terms and then added "or whatever you want to call them." So while the $3 billion annual investment is by far the most-credible commitment the company is making, Ellison's language also offers a strong indication that he has given his full blessing for SaaS and the cloud to move well within the mainstream at Oracle.

In another departure in tone and substance from comments he made three months ago to analysts, Ellison spoke again Wednesday with enormous enthusiasm about the company's new Exadata Database Server (aka HP Oracle Database Machine) but, unlike last time when he made no mention of competitors' products; this time he spoke directly to how the new Oracle product was superior to Teradata's and has been outperforming it in customer trials.

Describing the Oracle Database Machine as "the most exciting new product we've had in many, many years," he said one customer had experienced a performance increase of 28X compared with an existing Oracle database, while another customer saw monthly aggregation drop from 4-1/2 hours to 3 minutes. And then he went very specifically after Teradata.

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Top Stories

Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 8
Improved security, increased standards support, and an overhauled UI are among the browser's most significant features.

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Google Launches Chrome Experiments To Showcase JavaScript's Power

IE8: Better, But Still Not Best


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White Paper

Maiden Flight Of 'Flying Car' Called Rock Solid

The Terrafugia Transition is a two-seat aircraft that converts into a Volkswagen Beetle-like automobile.

Nokia To Close Content-Sharing 'Mosh'

The cell phone maker will integrate the free-wheeling Mosh site into its Ovi line of services, but it will screen content.

Psystar Defies Apple, Releases Mac Clone

Despite an Apple lawsuit, Psystar launched the $600 Open(3) that has a faster processor, more memory, and increased storage over the comparably priced Mac Mini.

Safari Hacked... Followed IE And Firefox

Last year's winner of the CanSecWest security conference's Pwn2Own contest repeats his success in record time.

SAS, NetSuite, Announce Cloud Computing Efforts

SAS Institute will build a $70 million cloud computing facility, and NetSuite joins the platform-as-a-service market.

SEC Settles With Stock Spammers

Agreement calls for two Houston men to pay about $3 million to the government.

Firefox's Fennec Mobile Browser Hits Beta

Code-named Fennec, Mozilla's mobile beta adds support for extensions, as well as stronger JavaScript support with the TraceMonkey engine.

Cisco To Buy Flip Camera Maker For $590 Million

Pure Digital's CEO will become general manager of Cisco's consumer business group in the deal.

Feds To Shut Down Google Apps?

FTC is weighing request from privacy group that claims data stored in the cloud isn't secure.

AT&T To Offer iPhone 3G With No Contract

Those without a contract will have to pay a premium, though, as the 8-GB model will cost $599 and the 16-GB version will be $699.

Microsoft's Ballmer Signals Renewed Interest In Yahoo

CEO says there is "a good opportunity" for the two companies to complete a search deal.

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HP, IBM, Sun Execs Blast Obama's Protectionist Policy
While touring India this week, execs from HP, IBM, and Sun criticized the Obama administration's anti-outsourcing policies as unrealistic, claiming they fly in the face of the global economy and will not produce positive results.

Is The Mobile Thin Client An Impossible Dream?
During numerous interviews I did for a story to publish March 30 on software and smartphones, many CIO-types said they hoped to one day avoid distributing software to employees' BlackBerrys, Windows Mobiles, and other devices, and instead have smartphones entirely dependent on software in the cloud. But given what my research revealed about how employees use smartphones, that seems an impossible goal.

Where Was Linux In The Pwn2Own Contest?
The first round of the Pwn2Own was something of a redux of the previous one: the Mac was the first to fall (I'm actually not surprised given Apple's culture of obscurity-over-security), with Windows 7 via IE 8 shortly thereafter. But Linux wasn't even in the running this time. What gives?

iPhone 3.0 SDK Providing Hints About Future Features And Devices
iPhone developers have been downloading the iPhone 3.0 OS SDK since it became available earlier this week. As they sink their teeth into the new SDK, lots of gems are popping up that suggest new, unannounced features -- and devices! -- are on the way.

The Problem With Sun's Cloud Strategy
Sun's plans for a cloud computing platform and related Sun Cloud services are getting a thumbs up for the technology, innovation, and openness that Sun promises to bring to this emerging market. Unfortunately, Sun's cloud could be dead on arrival.

BBC Responds To Allegations About The Legality Of Its Report
Nick Reynolds of the BBC directed me, and many other writers covering this story, to the BBC's official response to allegations that BBC's technology show, Click, violated the U.K.'s Computer Misuse Act when it purchased and used a botnet as part of an investigative report into cybercrime.

New Search Site Debuts For Business Users
The Financial Times Group has launched a public beta of Newssift, a business-oriented search engine that provides multifaceted search and other cool features.

Consolidation Causing Angst In IT
It was once axiomatic that you couldn't get fired for buying IBM, although you could extend that security blanket to include the likes of Microsoft, Cisco and Oracle.

Using DNS To Distribute Trust
In "DNSSEC: Forgetting The User, Again," I opined about why users should be notified about signed vs. unsigned DNS responses. Dan Kaminsky, a security researcher with IOActive, and I got into a quick conversation about DNSSEC, SSL, and trust on the Internet. Kaminsky had some interesting thoughts on distributing trust.

Wolfe's Den Vlog: iPhone Gets Battery Life Boost From Mophie
Even fanboys admit that, when Steve Jobs gifted his iPhone with wonderful attributes, he skimped in the battery life department. Fortunately, what the creator omitted, a cool add-on gadget called Mophie delivers. Read on to see a short demo video of this useful "juice pack" for Apple's iPhone.

Gmail Users Can Now View YouTube Videos From Within Gmail
Google just doesn't stop. New in Labs this week are several added features that let users access YouTube, Picasa, Flickr and Yelp content without the need to open a separate window, tab or link.

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- State Of Enterprise Storage: Changing Priorities and Practices
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