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Indian Outsourcing Model 'Over,' Says HCL Exec

Offshore player builds out U.S. presence and plans to hire more domestic talent to support customers' strategic IT engagements.

Offshore outsourcing, where U.S. companies farm out tech work to low-cost countries like India, will wane as routine data center functions become automated and businesses start to employ IT for more strategic purposes--like building new sales channels--and seek service providers that can help them along that path, according to a senior industry exec.

"You can look at the early signs that the Indian IT model is over," said Krishnan Chatterjee, head of global strategy and marketing at HCL Technologies, during an interview last week. "The question that customers are now asking is, 'Are you willing to blend multiple services into an integrated offering, so we can talk as business partners, rather than you giving me 10 bodies who will churn out x lines of code at the cheapest rate."

What's driving the change is that new technologies like virtualization, cloud computing, and smart analytics are automating many routine IT tasks--such as network provisioning and monitoring--that have often been offshored. That means companies can use more of their technology budgets for strategic projects that can drive growth through new products and services. They need IT service providers who can keep up.

[There is a lot of debate on the future of outsourcing. Read Occupy Wall Street A Threat To Outsourcing?]

A deal that HCL announced last week illustrates the type of higher level engagements the company is seeking. U.S.-based healthcare payer United Health Group said it would use proprietary software tools developed by HCL to support its adoption of new disease classification codes, known as ICD-10, which go into effect in 2013.

"Customers are asking, 'Do you have the competence to leverage technology on behalf of my business, as opposed to just recruitment and workforce management," said Chatterjee.

Many of these engagements--such as building a digital supply chain to support an e-commerce initiative--require onsite specialists with skills in project management and architectural design. "The more we move up the value chain, the more of our traditional services business we start killing. But that's okay because we're going to add value in new ways," said Chatterjee.

To meet demand for onshore services, HCL is building out its presence in the U.S. Company officials said about 8,000 of the their 83,000 employees are now in the United States, and that number will grow.

Ultimately, it wants more than 12% of its employees to be based in the U.S. or Europe by 2015. About 40% of HCL's current U.S.-based workers are Americans or green card holders; the rest are on H-1B and other temporary visas. Officials say they also want a larger percentage of their U.S.-based workers to be citizens or permanent residents.

In September, HCL announced the opening of a development center in Redmond, Wash., where it plans to hire about 400 local workers over the next two years. HCL's Collaborative Engineering Hub will provide development services for Microsoft. The company has also built out development centers for anchor customers in Rochester, N.Y. and in Raleigh, N.C.

While higher labor costs will mean that HCL will ultimately have to charge more for services provided in the U.S., Chatterjee said customers will be willing to pay more if those services aren't just about "keeping the lights on," but help deliver an advantage over competitors. "When differentiation comes into play, the conversation is no longer about who is cheapest and who has the most bodies," he said.

HCL's strategy isn't without risk. It's possible that many U.S.-based customers will turn to American services providers like IBM or Accenture to perform onsite work. A significant advantage held by the domestic players is that they already have large teams of experts in place in key areas like cloud and mobility.

Chatterjee conceded that it could be tough for HCL to find individuals with the skills it needs. "Finding talent can be very difficult," he said, "but we are actively working with universities so that we get people that have the necessary skills and capabilities."

The institutions HCL is working with include Virginia Tech, Seattle University, Oregon State University, and University of California, Irvine.

HCL's strategy of focusing on higher value work more than some of its Indian peers appears to be paying off. In its most recent quarter, net income spiked 49% year over year, while quarterly revenues surpassed the $1 billion mark for the first time. To continue that growth, it will need to convince customers that require onshore services that it's coming to America to stay.

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User Rank: Apprentice
10/26/2014 | 3:11:29 AM
re: Indian Outsourcing Model 'Over,' Says HCL Exec

@wakjob2 Firstly your delusion doesn't become facts, please stop living in Alice in Wonderland, this is a common tendency of cow-boy illiterates with absolutely zilch common sense. You are just cross with 3rd Worlders occupying Genius cow-boys positions without actually any effort. You idiots never even were in the race. Now like spoilt sports you crib. Cowboys will always be shown their farm (dump) yards by bright Indians


You actually think American Corporates who know a lot more than you about business and economic trends and as you claim have set up successful businesses fell for an "worker shortage" story. India plotting on how to take over America..? What a joke man...!! The last time I thought of US was when they won the Basketball Gold medal 2 years ago


I will debunk you arguments with the following points -


US Education System's failure - The reason why companies were forced to go abroad was because of abject failure of US education system to produce high quality engineers. It is well documented by educationist Keith Ballard & Entrepreneur Jay Mathews who have done real work on the ground and are not arm chair charlatans like you


Silicon Valley Churns out Billions - You say Silicon Valley is doomed, yeah thats a great observation, no wonder why it has been churning out 100s of Billions of Dollars for the American economy and is still growing


Every company in Silicon Valley has grown mutli-fold in revenue since Indians came there -


1. Google - 2001 - 7 Million $, 2013 - 12 Billion $

2. Intel - 2002 - 446 Million $, 2014 - 3.31 Billion $

3. Microsoft - 2002 - 28 Billion $, 2014 - 86.63 Billion $

4. Apple - 2003 - Nowhere to be seen, 2012 - 41.73 Billion $

5. Adobe - 2000, Nowhere to be seen, 2013 - 4 Billion $

6. IBM - 2000 - 26 Billion $, 2014 - 99 Billion $

7. Dell - 2002 - Billion $, 2012 - 62 Billion $

8. HP - 1998 - 38 Billion $, 2011 - 127 Billion $


Indians started coming into US way before in 1970s they were only the top researchers and scientists who are to be in R&D came & in 90s major workforce - innovators and engineers came in & also back office services were outsourced. SInce then upto now Silicon Valley has boomed 10 folds. Stats speak for themselves. WakJobs wont mention these as he will be exposed and he will say fact is fact nothing will change it. WakJob you reject, your delusion doesn't become fact, not even for you..


You would be in the street if it wasn't for the Silicon Valley held together strongly by Indians & Chinese. US economy was drowned by Bankers, go blame them for their shit job


Americans abject failure to Produce High Skilled Work Force - Americans were taken out of jobs as Entrpreneur Jay Mathew says - Americans are just not competitive enough nor are they qualified for the job. You think a man who invests millions of his personal money would throw out Americans if they were qualified enough and Indians were not..? Stop trolling please


As I said before US economy collapses are engineered by Jewish Bankers & Indians have no role to play in it. We dont ask as hefty a pay check and you guys do which doesn't go well with an entrepreneur who wants talent + low pay what can Indians do..??


QE nonsense to cover up for US failure to produce high-quality workforce - Only a fool will think US Govt. infused credit through QE to make up for the loss in real credit production due to prevention of "high-skill" Americans getting into jobs because of some agenda. QE is to prevent the whole American economy to go into another deep depression because of every single debt which has been given based on sub-prime basis not being payed back.


Americans have an extremely high spending nature which is never a quality associated with Indians, you guys go into debt, Banks capitalise onto it & further plunge you guys into trouble


Corporates are not fools - Indians would do the job for much less pay and with the highest quality which is why there was either outsourcing or there would be Indian populous taken to US. No corporate will spend his money on Indians as long as he doesn't get a product worth the buck. If it isn't worth his buck he will quit. Why dont corporates go to Mexico or South America or Africa if they really have an agenda to bring immigrants to kill American jobs..?


Indians, Chinese, Eastern Europeans & Russians have the highest Innovation around the World - Try checking out the Presentation at TED Talks given by Nirmalya Kumar on Indian Innovation after he was really pissed with people like you doing unnoticed rants in hiding in some basement feeling sore after being thrown out of his/her job by higher qualified "immigrants"


Let me mention a FEW technology which the above gave whose benefits US blatantly enjoys without giving due credit


1. A/C Electricity systems especially Rotating Magnetic Field - Nikola Tesla, Serbian


2. Radio Technology, One of the first semi-conductors, theorised p-type & n-type semiconductors - Jagdish Chandra Bose, Indian


3. Transistor - Lilienfeld, Austrio-Hungarian & Oskar Heil, Germany


4. Computer Programming Language - Konrad Zuse, Germany


5. First Microprocessors - Fredrico Faggin, Italian & Masatoshi Shima, Japanese


6. Quality Programming Languages like - Ada - Jean Ichibiah, French; SQL - Swedish Programmers; Python - Gudio vsn Rossum, Dutch; C++ - Bjarne Stroustrup, Denmark; Ruby - Yukihiro Matsumoto - Japanese


7. USB - Ajay Bhatt, Indian educated in India


8. Pentium Processor - Vinod Dham, Indian educated in India & Avtar Saini - Itanium processor


9. Google Search Engine - Rewrote the whole Google Search Engine program and added many Key features which lead to popularity rise in Google including the results which are given once you type the words. Google is No.1 because of the Indians filled in it.


10. Hotmail - Enjoyed many graceful years because it was made by Indian Sabeer Bhatia


11. Semiconductor Fabrication - 1000s of patents by Gurtej Sandhu


12. Arun Netravali - Invented the full set of HD Technology which everyone uses today


13. Ravi K Arimilli - Computer Architecture, Semiconductor Processing, Cache Coherence, Symmetric Multiprocessing - 500 patents


14. Ramesh Raskar - High Speed Photography


15. Shiva Ayyadurai - Invented e-mail


16. Srinidi Varadharajan - most efficient Supercomputer - System X designer


17. Amar Bose - World's Best Music Systems, holds many patents on music systems


18. BitTorrent - Ashwin Navin, co-founder & developer, Thanks to him you can download movies for free, apparantly if you wouldn't have got him, you would have to pay cow-boy Yank Steve Jobs 100s of dollars for music & movies


19. Google Apps - Rajen Seth


20. Artifical Intelligence & Robotics Pioneers - Ramesh Jain, Raj Reddy


21. Sixth Sense Project (way above your cerebral understanding) - Pranav Mistry, works for Samsung and has created groundbreaking technologies for Samsung


22. Amit Goyal - High-performance, flexible electronic devices, super conductors, single crystals & photovoltaics


23. Laser Technology - Rangaswamy Srinivasan, C N Kumar Patel, Mani Lal Bhaumik


24. Advanced Computional Fluid Dynamics - Ramesh K Agarwal, Satya Alturi


25. CERN - There is massive participation of Indians & Indian made products in CERN given by this site -


This list doesn't include the 1000s of high-quality computer programmers, microprocessor designers, tester etc. etc. who make up an easy 30% of the whole IT industry & also the 25% startups of all startups which are giving US Billions of $ of GDP. Startups are not ordinary mind you, most of them are like - PinInterest, Ayasdi, Nutanix, Double Click (acquired by Google for 4 Billion $), Patni Computers, C2Net, Sun Micro,


The patents holders are not bullshit patent holders like Thomas Edison who held 10 patents for design of cupboard. Typical cowboy gaining fame after bribing some more yanks. Had it been an Indian you would have written a 10000 page comment on how stupid Indians are. This is the sort of guy who refused to bring AC systems because it was a rival to DC systems.


Guys like this were the guys who got the great depression. They were ready to kill any competition for their own evil gains. Edisons DC system required a power station for every mile & was extremely hazardous. The whole United States would have become been deep with 10 feet of coal soot if you allowed the cow-boy to run riot.


These sort of guys were the guys you wanted to say were prolific inventors and geniuses who were prevented from displaying their "GENIUS" which led to great depression..! LOL


You say US economy has not grown since 2001, so hasn't Japanese which has zero immigration which shows there is something called levelling off of GDP & HDI growth


Americans didn't create the IT industry, most of the immigrants I mentioned had gone over to US even before the H1B visas no. were increased.The only place Americans made little contribution was in the programming sector with only a few bright sparks like Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie & Wozniack. Can you name anyone other than these 3..?


Hell even Facebook had stolen from a company called ConnectU with an Indian Harvard student for which Mark had to pay millions


Nonsense claims of high-skill American work-force I have debunked resoundingly


You even make nonsense claims of Asia for being jealous of US because you did in 250 years what we did in 6000 years. PURE BS. I will debunk you by showing how Indians should have the bragging rights for -


1. Every single concept of Mathematics - 0, Geometry, Algebra, Calculus, Number theories etc. etc. Every single concept you see today, the base of math itself was given by Indians in BCs when your ancestors were hanging in the trees. Go check ML Raja's book on how all Indians discoveries, inventions were stolen & all the mathematicians were forward dated so that you cow-boys could claim the bragging rights. We never patented anything like you guys, we believed Math was like air and water, everyone had a right to it, until your Brits ancestors cow-boy Yank mentality came along plagiarized everything kicked us in the teeth and ran away


Vedic Maths in which you can calculate any 3 digit no. in seconds you deleted from history and made Maths so complicated and boring it is hated by everyone today because some daft mathematician forced his bullshit views of calculation which is not seen with the same interest with small kids. Vedic Maths was like an art, you guys spoilt maths and made it like a machine with no feelings.


2. Indian Astronomy - Already on record, all Indian Astronomy is blatantly copied without giving due credit to Indians


3. Indian Metallurgy - Again blatantly lifted from India. No credit given - go check the weapons used by Indians which were all non-rusting steel based.


4. Venture Capitalism & Entrepreneurship - you Americans & their ancestors were serfs till we came along with our ideas, you owe us for making you a free and democratic country


Asians have bragging rights for -


1. Instruments & Tools - like Lathes, Measuring Tools, Compass, Gyroscopes (Indians), Blastfurnace, Rockets & Canons, Diamond making tools (Indians).


2. Moving to more recent Inventions - Russian Space Technology blatantly lifted by NASA - Solid Booster Technology, Liquid Engine Technology - Gas Generator Cycle Engines, Stage Combustion Cycle Engines, Cryogenic Engine & Semi-Cryogenic Engine technology all lifted from Russia without which not one of your missions would have even left the Toposphere let alone reach orbit


Indians in pure sciences doesn't even need mention - Satyendra Nath Bose, Subrahmanaya Chandrashekar, CV Raman, Yellapragada Subbarow (ATP, Folic Acid discoverer & wrote detailed descriptions about it, first cancer drug maker), G N Ramchandran (Peptides discoverer), George Sudarshan, Sangeeta Bhatia, Amit Patel (Stem Cells), Anita Goel (Pioneer in Gene Research, Venkataraman Ramakrishnan (yes, of Nobel fame), Har Gobind Khurana etc. etc.


If I post more the readers will starts criticizing Americans of all talk and no substance


Indians will work in America and get what they are due, they have not stolen anything over there. Just because Americans cant keep up with Indians or Chinese in high-skill jobs how can you blame their nationality & your own people for not giving Americans jobs.


If  you had to spend millions, you would spend it on the right person. If Americans were good enough they would spend on Americans. No insane fellow would just to keep Americans out give low quality products by "low-quality" Indians. If that was the case why dont the American Corporates employ from Brazil/Argentina etc. Third World my ass, what you cant beat you sling racist slurs at, no wonder why America was born a racist country


Wakjob asks where are the Googles/Apples from India..? Well you would see many Googles in India if it wasn't for your immigration policy


Go see Nirmalya Kumar's video on TED Talks where he says Indians are not noticed by the world as innovative because there are two types of innovation - Visible & Invisible. There is more to IBM/Google/Bell Labs/Microsoft/Intel than just an American ownership tag. The products developed by them are all primarily because of Indians


IBM has more Indians than Americans and the Americans in IBM is reducing but the IBM membership from the rest of the world including European countries is steadily rising. Why..? Because Americans are no longer competitive enough


Go check the youtube video where a person does rounds asking every American -


"Name a country which starts with a U.." Not one single one was able to answer United States of America, Keith Ballard - an educator from US, a total patriot unlike a spoilt sport like wakjob who types nonsense only because he lost his job to an Indian, says the crisis is real, he is ready to improve the children of America and bring them to a competitive level but no child is interested nor are they capable of studying, they are just too stupid


"More software comes from Scandinavia than India..?" Says who Wakjob..? So much credibility.. You trust this man with your life you will be doomed. Software is not some raw-material scooped up from the earth of a country so that you can place a nation's tag on it. Software involves complex procedures most of which is done in offices which people dont go and see into, just because Google Chrome is made by Google an American company, it doesn't discount the fact it would have been mainly programmed by 100s of Indian American programmers in Google


Average Indian IQ is 81 because a vast majority of Indians dont have access to any education and are illiterate about 30% of our population. Which means are IQ average should be if everyone was having access to education like US around about Japan's IQ. Hell my IQ is 110 which means I am more intelligent than all useless fools who write peer-reviewed IQs


I challenge any American who claims to brilliant to crack the IIT exam. Common man take it a shot. Mind you these exams were cracked by the best scientists you see in silicon valley, and even those guys were only in Top 100 and were not the Top 10


The IQ stats show Jews to have 120 IQ, all this is done on purpose, we all know how productive jews are in Israel, they have royally screwed US, plagiarized everything and claim to be intelligent. Look at Henry Kissinger - does he look intelligent to you..? All fraudsters dont become intelligent. Look at Hitler's Germany, do you know the kind of intelligence they produced...?


John Bull doesn't have brains to realise that he is being royally screwed by Jews who fund all magazines & other social research which is completely bullshit


Cow-boys will be cow-boys, their racist slang on Brilliant Indian, Chinese, Eastern Europeans doesn't change facts. Hell even Einstein was a German, Tesla (the greatest) was Serbian. You think these guys go their brains because they came to US..? No wonder why John Bull has no brains


Wakjob - a typical cow-boy John Bull says - immigration from Europe caused Great Depression of 1930 then later he says Americans built America in 1930s-1970s


Wakjob says name one industry which comes out of India - for starters there are companies like - Dr.Reddys, Cipla (pharma giants), Construction - L&T, Air-conditioning Systems - Voltas (provides A/Cs for Burj Khalifa mind you), Tata Corus - Iron & Steel Giant, Hero & Bajaj - Largest Motorcycle Manufacturers in the World, BHEL - Heavy Engineering, Apollo Hospitals - Healthcare etc. etc. etc. There are many, the only difference is that Indian comapnies are bought by American ones as soon as they seem like a competition thats why you dont notice them


@Wakjob you sore loser, delusional fool, Automotive Industry comes from America..?? Oh boy, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Audi, Honda, Mitsubishi, Lexus, Hyundai, BMW, Toyota, Porsche, Volvo, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Buggati, Bentley, Rolls Royce are all American right..?


Delusional Wakjob thinks just because US has a Ford & General Motors which had to be bailed out and no longer does anyone buy the whole automotive sector becomes American. Ford & GMC were never even in Top 25 and till date are tanking in terms of sales. German & Japanese cars are the best on this planet & everyone knows it. Germans sell so many cars in US but US cant sell a single car out of US. So much for their automotive sector


The US isn't even in the Buses sector which is dominated by Volvo & Mercedes


TV & Radio from America..? Apparently - Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Sony apparently are out of business then, oh sorry - they are actually the only 4 TV makers dominating. The world's first TVs were made by Europeans, Russians and Germans (go check for yourselves) & the Radio Technology pioneers were - Tesla ( a 2 bit immigrant according to wakjob) & Jagdish Bose


TVs were losing their fashion & place to laptops with live tv streaming online until a man by the name of Arun Netravali (2 bit immigrant according to Wak job) brought HD concept and revolutionised it & is bringing billions of dollars to the TV industry


Indians those who invented were from America because they lacked the funding required for their research back at home. Indians are masters of Thorium Nuclear Fuel Reactors apparently which US still is figuring how to do & when they couldn't figure it out they stalled our Thorium plants by bribing our PM and forcing him to stall Thorium related research & buy US uranium reactors


Aerospace - Listen, Vimanas were the first aircrafts made by a man called Shivkar Bapuji Talpade  He made an aircraft using advanced Vedic Mercury ion plasma , imploding and expanding vortex noiseless flying machine , which could move in all directions. Accelerated pressurised Mercury when spun and thus heated gives out latent energy.


Vedas had a deep understanding of Quantum physics, that is why Nikola Tesla, Schrodinger, Oppenheimer (of Manhattan Project) all carried Vedic Texts and prefered to be cremated a sign of conversion to Hinduism - they all said all knowledge sprung from Hinduism and Indians knew Quantum Physics many centuries ago when Americans were hanging on trees.


This was completely suppressed and only now documents are coming out of its suppression. He made this aircraft 8 years before stupid Wright Brothers flew their aircraft. Anyways aircraft is all about its engine here are the details


1. Piston Engine - which was made by Léon Levavasseur who was French


2. Rotary Engine - built by Louis Seguin, French


3. Turbojet Engine - built by & patented by Frank Whittle, Brition and a proper turobjet built for a jet HeinkelHeS 3 - for the Heinkel He 178 made by German Hans Von Ohain


4. Turboprop - made by Hungarian Ganz Works same one in which Tesla worked


5. Turbofan - World's first Turbofan was made by Rolls Royce - Rolls Royce Conway


Yes America has a solid aerospace sector, but you see it isn't the pioneer of it. India never had an aerospace sector because it requires massive funding which is almost in the range of 20-25 Billion $ which to be honest is not possible to make for a country absolutely looted by the Brits, but now times are changing and there are massive aerospace projects coming up


We have even got the Turbine Material Technology like Single Crystal Blades just recently & have started making machine tools with the help of large machine tool companies in India which will push Private players into the aerospace sector and by 2030 we will take over atleast Embraer through companies like Reliance/Mahindra Aerospace. Many aerospace components have been outsourced to India by large aerospace companies and we have delivered high quality products soon we shall see Yank smirk being wiped off. Chinese aerospace also is making real headway and wakjob apparently hasn't heard of "3rd World" Aerospace company Embraer which is now going to going to soon overtake Boeing since its abject failure to get sales


India produces a massive amount of lightbulbs of high quality through huge corporates like Wipro (yes the IT Wipro) & Havells. No Indian houses use GE bulbs. They stop at max with Philips because GE bulbs are very low quality, I am not biased, come see in all the Indian houses


Integrated circuits are all designed by Indians in NVIDIA or Intel, device fabrication systems are patented all by Indians as mentioned above, nothing for US to brag about. Intel Xeon is the latest Indian design of Intel chips


Intel is still No.1 even though it is filled by Indians. So wakjobs attempt to use Intel somehow to create an anti-immigrant statement failed as now he tries to use the Indian dominated Intel to his advantage somehow forgetting all his criticism of Intel. So again the anti-India stance failed


Computers - still made by IBM & HP dominated by Indians doing well. Software sector with major Indian programmers is American and we are proud to work there but sorry I have proven how many OS like Windows 95, 98, Vista, 7, 8, Chrome, Android etc. were made all when Indian programmers are now in the American companies. Every software is new. First OS was made by immigrant Eastern Europeans & now it is made by immigrant Indians


Back office services has already been taken over by Indians there is no getting away from it and they are doing a good job that's why their contracts are being renewed, go ask any American from Silicon Valley they will give you first hand account of how good Indians are at their job


With Europeans going solo in every Industry the US needs Indians/Chinese as America cannot produce high-skilled labour, they are fit for only doing day wage jobs.


Chinese/Indians didn't learn anything from Americans, I have shown you above how Americans never invented shit in the first place what will they teach us, we are grateful to Europeans for teaching a lot to naturally talented Indians. Europeans, South Koreans have now told US to F off..! They have their own aerospace, semiconductor, software, automobile, electronic goods, heavy industries etc. etc. which they made in US by using their fantastic skill with zero American workers involved in R&D/Innovation/Production but American corporates who only funded them reaped all the profits now the europeans are now fed up and have gone back and now are becoming rich & Indians will also now follow suite & get their benefit. Chinese have also gone back and are doing really well


1990s there was a recession as well will Wakjob blame his cow-boy illiterates who run the economy for it/Federal Reserve/Jews because he is scared FBI will raid his house, so he will blame highly-skilled Indians who worked their asses off because he was kicked off because his boss favored an Indian with highest possible skill & with low pay when Wakjob had no skill and demanded high pay..! His boss would have told him to F off coz he was not worth it


All this nonsense of America was growing till 90s then it crashed when Indians came is shit. American recession happened because Indians spend a lot. How come Indian Banks dont crash..? Because they never give a sub-prime mortgage and they are all Nationalised. They give sub-prime loans only to farmers who pay back eventually.


I have proved above cowboys invented nothing. Indians came and learnt everything on their own and will now return as we dont get our due just like Europeans went back and set up their own aerospace companies/semi-conductor companies/software companies which they built in US doing their own R&D and innovation which US stole. Now US once Indians return US will not be able to produce anything as US education system and their DNA prevents them from being smart


Look at prolific inventors list - Europeans and Asians if they have patents in semi-conductors, computer technology etc. Yanks have patents in drug "delivery", design of cabinets, fastners locks, bobbins, golf balls. Every American who quality patents was/is an immigrant check it out yourself


When Indians pull out you will see how US collapses. Those who work with Indians ask them, they will tell you clear cut that Asians especially Indians mostly who are employed are from the top engineering colleges in India/people with talent from very poor villages & have risen up purely based on bright talent which can be noticed by corporated 1000s of miles away. No one employs Indians who are not good enough


Wakjob will tell you that one Indian immigrant is useful 10,000 are not useful and they are thus eating our jobs


That is a lie. No corporate will waste his money on worthless Indians, ask Hans Rosling, see his videos he will tell how good Indians are. Indians are richest in the US not because they stupid but because they work.


I challenge any American to come here and clear the exams/practicals we clear. Ask the Silicon Valley Americans who have done detailed studies they will tell you Indians are the best & many other researchers will tell you Indians need only a little money and they will work miracles


NASA has 10-15% Indians. Immigrants make up most of NASA with Indians being the single largest community being its proud members. Now dont tell me NASA has gone crazy, they still are No.1 & they have not doomed. 3rd Class laborers are cow-boys who one know how to yell - "EEEEE HAAAA"


Coming to companies


Intel, Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, Sun - all may have been founded by Americans in 1970s/80s/90s as the case may be but you see they Indians used to immigrate then as well & they used to mainly occupy R&D those days that is when those companies boomed.


Even now when with R&D the rest of the company departments are taken over by Indians still these companies are No.1 in their fields - Intel is No.1 in microprocessors (Indians design all Intel microprocessors & fabricate them. Intels best product Pentium was made by an Indian), Microsoft is still No.1, Google is still No.1


Look all these companies dont use the same products which their founders brought, brand new products completely unrelated to predecessors yet ground breaking ones are made by Indians


An Intel 8080 is completely different from an Indian made Pentium. So all this nonsense of Indians learning from predecessors is thrown out. Indians have made the best possible products surpassing even their founders


Google, Microsoft, Intel grew its popularity even more since the H1B visa guys came when it was actually supposed to level out. Shows you the quality of products coming in. Hell very easily hackable Windows is also now more secure and has a lot less bugs thanks to Indian programmers


Apple doesn't have Indians so what..? You want to use a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or a stupid overpriced Apple..? You want to have an IBM/Alienware (filled with Indians) or an overpriced Apple, you want to you use Safari/Android..?


Apple R&D by the way closed because of Indians demanded too much salary. Apparently 1000 Dollars was too much for stingy Steve Jobs who pays only a few dollars to Chinese Hard Workers who committed suicide as they couldnt make ends meet because of low pay Jobs said labourers commit suicide so what I cant pay them more..! After all they are lesser mortals. This man screwed his own friend for cash who was the brains behind Apple what more do you expect.


All corporates in US are like this - they will not pay if you are not worth it. That is why I say Americans are not worth it that why they dont get jobs


Every single Apple microprocessor is a TSMC made one mind you which is again filled with Indians


Oh by the way the world's most popular electric car was Reva made by India


Sun lost its competition to an Indian filled Intel


Wakjobs thinks he is a speaker for each and every company in US and speaks on their behalf when their company bosses themselves say Indians are the best


Countering his claims which he had made for each every company look in my other comments below


For now I will counter the Wakjob's comments I haven't countered in other comments


Wakjob says Quark was taken over by Aulakh Kumar who laid off all American developers and then the company doomed. Like he has the full details of every single employee who was hired and fired in the company since its inception & their CVs to talk with so much confidence and say American developers who were so competent were on purpose fired.  He talks like he was a major shareholder of the company


Aulakh Kumar was in Quark during its days when it took over 90% of the market share which Wakjob so easily ignores. Quark lost out due to Adobe (Indian filled even by Wak's claims) and their highly successful InDesign. Adobe got most of Quark's employees due to a heftier pay check. Aulukh Kumar wasn't fired. He left for health reasons, WakJob caught with his pants down again


MIT Media Lab Asia was thrown by the Indian IT minister because they MITians demanded a too high salary & their work style was just too arrogant. Nothing is further from the truth


Intel Whitefield project is some project which was cancelled due to unknown reasons which are undiscolsed till date


Our man Wakjob who is an insider & major shareholder in every company apparently knows secrets of every company of the planets concludes shit which no one will give an ear to


HCL developed the software to specification. FAA said the specifications are not correct and the Primary Contractor a US company should redo the coding without HCL, when the US company redid the software it was rejected again by FAA. So much for tall claims by WakJob on great American programmers..!


HCL finally fixed everything because Americans were quite incompetent with their specifications


Mind you the program aimed for A-level certification which is insanely difficult to get. Almost like a EuroNCAP test where a car must survive 75 mph instead of 40 mph


Indians developed software for Airbus A380 which till date has not seen any problems, which shows WakJob has been debunked


Wakjob says Dells profits fell by 54% which only a trickster will talk stuff like this. Dell's net revenue in 1996 was 5,692 Million $ in 2012 it reached record 62,071 $. As for Dell not producing laptops not as good as Apple, apparently they haven't heard of Alienwares


Vodafone is still one of the largest companies on this planet, I dont know from where Wakjob posts these figures, he constantly posts figures just during the crash in 2008 and blames Indians for it.


Concluding - No matter how much Wakjob shouts facts wont change


Like a delusional man he says Bankstersn cant profit from a booming market so they caused a collapse by outsourcing jobs & including unproductive Indians into the American companies


My simple counter to that is this - if Banks really had to collapse the economy by making it debt based all they had to do was force Tech companies to cut salaries of Americans (much less controversial move than throwing them out of their jobs) which would make them go into debt or to include incapable Americans into top jobs like dropouts etc. This would keep intelligent Americans out and still keep all the cash inside America and it would be such a non-controversial step,  All this would cause the economy to collapse without Indians being bought here.


This shows that Banksters theory is thrown out of the window. Banksters are ruthless they want to get most for their buck - Indians, Chinese, Russians & Eastern Europeans are the highest quality workforce on this planet and they dont even charge a lot so the Banksters went with them, after all they are major investors and shareholders in all companies


If Americans were so brilliant why didnt they become entrepreneursonce they were fired...? They lost their jobs not their skills right..? Indians who create new startups (mind you Indians account for 25% of US start-ups) were all former high wage R&D workers of big companies. Now 90% of those startups become massively successful. If Americans were so talented then they could have done their own start-ups and those could have easily become successful. So this proves that Americans didn't have it in them to be the best. It was always meant to be the "immigrants"


WakJob can shout from the rooftops all he wants to but Indians are the best. I will quote Steve Wozniack - " A lot of our (Apple's) developers are anywhere in the world. And we hire engineering groups in India; in Russia, everywhere.  I see a lot of people from Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore. But look at the Indians. They are bright, they are enthusiastic, they are hard-working. They have all the attributes to become successful in Silicon Valley. Some of the great engineers and technologists in Apple and all the other big companies like Google and Microsoft are Indians. So clearly they have got some inner skills and abilities. I think then it just means having a sense of clarity and the level of confidence, and they could make it big."


Even though WakJob thinks Apple dosn't have Indians so that he can use it to nominate it as the best company somehow to put Indians down will be debunked by me -


Indian Topsy software was bought by Apple for 200 millions, it was developed by White Hat Hackers from India & by the way one the highest applicants for H1B visas. China & Europe has its branches of Apple which means those are for Indians. No wonder why Apple never reveals its company data


Every company in Silicon Valley has grown mutli-fold in revenue since Indians came there I shall request everyone to look at the figures I posted above of revenue increase of major silicon valley companies, here I will show you other companies and how they increased mutli-fold since Indians went there -


1. TSMC - 2001 - Nowhere to be seen; 2013 - 20 Billion $

2. SAP - 2000 - 6 Billion Euro; 2013 - 17 Billion Euro

3. Cisco Systems - 1999 - 12.17 Billion $, 2013 - 49 Billion$

4. Qualcomm - 2000 - 3.2 Billion $, 2014 - 27 Billion $

5. Oracle - 2000 - 10.3 Billion $, 2014 - 38.4 Billion $

6. Cognizant - 2000 - 27 Million $, 2013 - 2.03 Billion $ (filled with Indians)


So much for Wakjob's claims of America being doomed by Indians. US citizens should know Indians caused an influx of GDP which helped Americans spend more and more but when the Indians are returning to India there will be no longer anyone to work for you. This will ensure your doom and since you dont have Indians to do work for you so that you guys spend you cry saying Indians took away our jobs blah blah.. Self-destructing arguments


So I would conclude by saying this - nothing was invented by Americans, nothing, they just gave funding for these projects made by "Immigrants" and reaped all the benefits. All have realised the double standard of John Bull


That is why I say cow-boys never had 140 IQ like Wakjob says. He is some guys sulking in some garage basement ashamed to show himself up. 140 is the IQ of Einstein. So by his logic every American is an Einstein. Wonder why not everyone became Quantum Physicist.


Indians have the highest IQ on the planet, thats why they occupy pure research fields. Go check NASA/Lockheed Martin/Apple/IBM/Top Universities/Labs if you dont know what I mean



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2/11/2014 | 12:47:35 AM
re: Indian Outsourcing Model 'Over,' Says HCL Exec
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11/20/2011 | 7:27:05 AM
re: Indian Outsourcing Model 'Over,' Says HCL Exec
Every immigration wave to the U.S. since 1900 has led to recession or depression. The late 1998-2000 wave was the biggest in U.S. history - bigger than the one from 1906-1920. Historical facts do not lie. Here is the history of immigration and recession to America since 1900:

1906-1920 - Huge wave from Europe - Great Depression in 1929.

1965 - Ted Kennedy's Immigration Reform Act - Big recession 1973-1981

1990 - H-1B started - recession 1991-1993

Oct. 1998 - H-1B caps raised form 65,000 to 115,000 per year - collapse in 2001.

Apri 2000 - H-1B caps raised from 115,000 per year to 195,000 per year - collapse in 2008.

The fake "recovery" in the mid 2000's was no recovery - just cheap Fed credit making up for Americans losing their jobs.

America was built by Americans. Every buildup leads to immigrant takers who come in when times are good, strip the economy, then leave when times are bad - as they are now.

84% of the current U.S. population was born here. Do you seriously expect us to believe that 84% of the natives live off the work of the other 16% immigrants? Come on, stop being either a liar or delusional. Immigration is a disaster for America.

China and India don't have open borders. Did I mention they are booming.

Free Trade caused WW2 - America in the 1920s sold its scrap steel to Japan and England's Rolls Royce sold aircraft engines and factories to Hitler. We all know how that turned out.
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11/20/2011 | 7:25:46 AM
re: Indian Outsourcing Model 'Over,' Says HCL Exec
Some simple facts about highly-skilled workers from the 3rd world. This is not opinion. These are facts.

- The H-1B guest worker visa program was started in 1990 with an annual cap of 65,000 visas.

- The L-1 visa program was started in the 1970s and was designed for intracompany transfers only. It has since been abused to bring in foreign nationals for services companies and then place them at their clients - which is illegal.

- From 1978 to 1998 - including the 90's boom - the demographic in the IT industry was 98% white American males. The U.S. economy was booming in 1998.

- In late 1998, India (and the rest of the world) sat up and took notice of the huge amount of wealth America's tech workers were generating. India decided they wanted to take over what Americans had created and get the $ for themselves. But how? Answer: Public Relations of course! So India's IT lobby, NASSCOM, hired D.C. PR/lobbying firm Hill & Knowlton to plant fake "worker shortage" stories in the U.S. media in 1998. While most Americans were busy enjoying the fruits of their labors, India was plotting how to invade and take over America. This barrage of news alleging a worker shortage story was the vehicle by which India, Inc. convinced America to permit the next step:

- In late 1998 and early 2000, the H-1B visa caps were raised from 65,000 a year to 115,000 per year and 195,00 per year, respectively. Then-president Bill Clinton - not George Bush - signed the increases. Tech workers from India didn't begin arriving in the U.S. in large numbers until late 1998. How could they have created the 90's tech boom when they weren't even here? The tech boom was created by Americans. Now that Americans have been driven out by the imported workers, the Silicon Valley and U.S. economies are a disaster.

- As a result of the 1998 & 2000 increases, 1.1 million foreign guest workers came into the U.S. from October 1998 to October 2003. According to the U.S. Dept. of Labor, 90% of those H-1B visas went to people from India. These people promptly took over America's tech jobs and drove Americans out of them.

- A unknown number more came in during the same time period on the L-1 intracompany transfer visa, which has been heavily abused by Indian outsourcing companies such as Wipro, InfoSys, and Tata. The number of L-1s who came in from 1998-2003 is at least 1 million, maybe 2 million.

- There is no yearly cap on L-1 visas.

- The H-1B visa cap reverted back to 65,000 per year in Oct. 2003. Despite this, over a million foreign guest workers continue to come into the U.S. every single year - even during periods of record unemployment, such as today.

- The U.S. economy went from booming to collapse the same year of the 2nd H-1B increase - proof that the foreign guest workers did not perform as promised.

- In fact, the U.S. economy has been in decline since 2000 or 2001. The government tried to offset the decline by making huge amounts of cheap credit available to make up for lost jobs and lower wages caused by the flood of cheap labor from the developing world. The credit ran out in 2008 and the real economy now is the result.

- There has been no real economic growth in the U.S. since the 2000-2001 collapse.

- Since the millions of guest workers arrived in 1998 and 2000, 14-16 million white collar American jobs have been destroyed. Approximately 1-2 million of those have been offshored - the rest have been destroyed. Promises by guest workers to help the U.S. economy in 1998 have never materialized. The opposite has happened.

- Despite common myths, there is no legal requirement in the H-1B laws which requires an employer to look for and hire an American worker instead of a foreign worker.

- Protections for American workers are provided in Federal law under Title 8, Section 1182, which defines who is an inadmissible alien, but those laws are being ignored and are not enforced.

- Most H-1Bs that enter the U.S. from developing countries such as India and China are not skilled as claimed - they are being trained by Americans when they get here - which makes both the applicant and hiring company guilty of fraud, which is a felony.

- American companies are using the H-1B and other work visa programs as a way to displace and bypass American workers in favor of cheaper foreign labor.

- Most foreign imported workers who come to the U.S. to work on work visas make less than their American counterparts. Companies love imported workers because companies think they increase profits by cutting costs. Cost-cutting is a sign of a company in trouble. In reality, long-term cheaper foreign workers harm American profits because long-term increased profits rely on innovation, not lower costs - and countries like India and China have terrible track records in innovation.

- Due to historical and ideological factors, most of the foreign workers we are brining to the U.S. are deliberately keeping skilled Americans out of the workforce by denying them jobs. The foreign workers claim Americans are too stupid, but Americans created the IT industry. The real reason Americans are being kept out of the workforce is because of racism, hypernationalism, communists in corporations who hate capitalism and hate America, and because of historical resentments by the guest workers themselves. Britain invaded and colonized India 150 years ago. Indians think the evil white man stole all their wealth. Hence Indians think they are entitled to break the law and deny jobs to Americans. It's payback time. Britain colonized China by taking control of Hong Kong from 1898 to 1997. The Opium Wars enslaved China and weakened it. Hence most Chinese resent hate white people. The Chinese are also deeply jealous that the U.S. has far surpassed them in just 250 years and China has been around for 6000 years.

- Both China and India resent America because both countries are communist or socialist and hence the U.S. would not trade with them for 50 years - from the end of World War 2 until globalization began in 1997. Most Chinese and Indians believe that they were kept out of the world economy by America and hence they want to do the same to us. Mexicans hate Americans because NAFTA disrupted the local Mexican economy when it was flooded with American goods by greedy American executives who wanted to find new consumers to sell to.

- Foreign guest workers are conducting a systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing - cleansing Americans from jobs in their own country. The reasons why are covered above.

- China is all about "saving face". America's success makes China look bad. The Chinese are jealous of us. Many imported guest workers from China will deny jobs to brilliant Americans simply because they are Americans - even to the point of making companies fail by staffing them with incompetent foreign guest workers who can't do the jobs. Can't hire Americans you know - that increases the prestige of Americans and decreases the prestige of Chinese. What do they care what they do to Americans? As long as the can fake it long enough to grift out VC-funded companies and send the money home, it's ok - after all, the evil white man oppressed China and hence China is entitled to America's money - even without performing as advertised. The cleanout of American VC-funded tech companies by fraudulent foreign workers is one of the prime causes of both the "credit crisis" (money going overseas when foreign workers send their paychecks home), and high unemployment (foreign workers not doing the jobs, and cusing companies to fail, thus reducing the number of jobs in the economy). It's not just how many people are working that matters, it's who is working. Workers from developing countries not only want our money, they want to see our economy fail - after all, that lowers U.S. prestige in the world and makes the other countries who can't compete look relatively better. If you can't beat your competition, just attack them instead, take their money, but collapse all their companies while you are at it.

- The U.S. currently exports $45 billion a year in wages to India alone and over $70 bllion a year to Mexico. Wonder where the capital in our banks is going? It's not being used to create jobs in America or being spent into the American economy - it's being shipped overseas by guest workers here.

- India wants to be known as the IT capital of the world - despite the fact that India is incapable of creating it own operating system. Name one software application that comes from India. Name one Indian software company anyone has heard of - not services companies like Wipro, Tata, etc - Indian companies that actually produce software they sell - none exist.

- More software comes from Scandanavia than from India.

- The average Indian IQ is 81. The average American IQ is 98. The average Japanese IQ is 107. The average German IQ is 100. Why aren't we importing a million workers a year from Japan and Germany? Why only from 3rd world countries? Answer: people from 3rd world countries are not the best and the brightest - they are the opposite - we are importing them for International Socialism - so that they can enjoy the fruits of the labor of productive countries like the U.S.

- Name one new industry or invention to come out of India or China in 250 years. Auto industry - America. TV & radio industries - America. Aerospace industries - America. Light bulbs, integrated circuits, computers, the internet, software - all of it comes from America, invented and created by Americans. Modern manufacturing, assembly line process - American. Now name one new industry or invention to come from India or China in 250 years - there are none. America doesn't need these workers.

Foreign-born founders and their contributions to America

- There has been much talk recently of the contributions of foreign-born founders to America. While it is true that there are some few rare exceptions, the reality is the vast majority of immigrants are here to take from us and send money home - as well as to acquire skills from Americans so they can be more like us.

- A few immigrants have made contributions to America - many of them from Europe. Many of them over 40 years ago. Einstein and von Braun come to mind. A few others more recently from non-European countries - Vinhod Kosla at Sun, the creator of Hotmail, or Amit Singh. But again, they are the rare exceptions, not the rule. The fact is, a decade of importing millions of foreign workers is not making the U.S. economy grow - it was growing in the 90's - before they got here, not now.

- For every one outstanding immigrant who does contribute, we are bringing in at least 10,000 destructive ones who are only here for our money and jobs. - immigrants who take and destroy as our economy is now proving.

- Let's talk companies and who founded them. As a rationale for why immigrants need to come help America, the immigrants themselves have been telling lies about who founded what companies. Let's set the record straight.

- Intel - Intel was not founded by immigrants. It was founded by 2 Americans - Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore (of Moore's Law fame).

- Yahoo! - Yahoo! was founded by one American - David Filo - and one immigrant - Jerry Yang. But Yang came to the U.S. at age 6 from Taiwan - a developed country. He was raised here and went to school here. He's more American than immigrant.

- Google - Google was founded by one American - Larry Page - and one immigrant - Sergei Brin. But Brin came from Russia, not India or China - and he came here at age 3 and grew up here and was educated here. He's more American than immigrant.

- Microsoft - Founded by two Americans - Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

- Apple - Founded by two Americans - Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Apple is booming today. Why? Apple CLOSED its R&D in India in 2006 and hires mostly Americans for all of its software development. 0% of Apple's software development is done offshore.

- Sun - Founded by 2 Americans, 1 German, and 1 Indian. Sun's CEO for the 1st 25 years was Scott McNeally - an American. Sun's operating system was architected by another American co-founder - Bill Joy. In 2001 Sun was taken over by legions of foreign guest workers from India and China - and Sun is now losing $150 million a quarter and is being sold off to Oracle to avoid the embarrassment of closing its doors with foreign guest workers running it.

Now let's go down the list of companies damaged or destroyed by foreign imported labor since 1998:

PeopleSoft - Taken over by imported Indian workers in 2000 - had to be sold off to Oracle to avoid embarrassment of closing.

Sun Micro - Dying. See above.

Bell Labs - Taken over by Indian-national Arun Netravalli in 2003. Bell Labs where the transistor, UNIX, and the C programming language were invented is now being turned into a shopping mall.

Quark - Taken over by Indian national Alukah Kamar - who laid off all the American developers and sent the work to India. The products became so bad that 60% of Quark's customer base defected to Adobe InDesign, never to return. Kamar was later fired but not before permanent harm was done to Quark.

Computer Associates' former CEO from India is now serving 12 years in federal prison for fraud.

MIT Media Lab Asia - Closed in 2006 due to faked invoices in India.

Intel Whitefield processor project - this project in India was cancelled when Intel discovered that many of the "engineers" had faked their resumes.

ComAir - ComAir's 100% Indian IT staff caused the nationwide 2005 Christmas day airport shutdown when they used a short int instead of a long int in the crew scheduling software they were working on. So much for the best and the brightest from overseas contributing to the American economy.

Boeing Dreamliner - Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner airplane has been delayed 5 times - in part because of failed software written by India's HCL Technologies - whose CEO once said "American grads are unemployable".

Lehman - This failed Wall St. institution had purchased Wipro's Spectramind software (which they in turn had bought from someone else and messed up) just before it went bankrupt. It also had hired large numbers of India, Inc. workers just before it went under.

Dell - Outsourced a lot of work to India over the past decade. Profits are now down 54%. Michael Dell once said "Stability is more important than growth".

United/Delta - Both companies brought their call centers back to the U.S. from India when they discovered that foreign call centers were harming their business.

HSBC - ATM software was taken over by India, Inc., ATMs began failing in 2006.

AIG - Signed outsourcing deal in 2007 in Europe with Accenture, collapsed in 2009.

Vodaphone - UK's top cell phone vendor has gone into major decline - in part because its CEO from India didn't do the job and walked out with over $41 million in compensation for doing nothing.

World Bank - Indian, Inc. fraudsters including Wipro were BANNED for 3 years because they stole data.

The verdict is in: Whatever else immigrants and foreign-born founders are doing to America, on balance, they are causing net harm to the U.S. economy - harm that is the cause of our current economic problems. No amount of hype, news stories, studies, or commentaries will change the above facts about the effects of foreign guest workers on the U.S. economy.

A huge army of conmen from India numbering into the several millions have spent a decade cleaning out America's economy. America's moronic MBA managers and boomers who know nothing about technology have been conned by this elaborate PR-driven charade and have been duped into throwing Americans who created IT out and replacing them with incompetent conmen. The end result is what you see now: a destroyed American economy and a vast transferrence of America's wealth to India. People like Vivek Fraudwha are India's cheerleaders and keep shouting from the rooftops that this is good for us, but based on the state of the economy, it clearly isn't.

Now you know the exact chronology of what has happened to America's economy and who is responsible. All the fluff you hear on the evening news is just cover or what has really happened: we've been invaded and plundered by foreign interests that's all.

Capital crisis? Nah - remittances. Guest workers send $45 billion year from the U.S. home to India. $70 billion to Mexico. And that's just those 2 countries. The total is in the hundreds of millions. Keep siphoning that money out year after year and it leaves American banks and lands in Indian banks. And we wonder where all the credit has gone - credit is capital sitting in banks. Except that after a decade of this nonsense, it's no longer sitting in U.S. banks where it would have been lent to businesses to create jobs. Duh.

Housing collapse? Subprime crisis? Nah - mortgage-paying Americans no longer having the jobs or incomes to pay their mortgages - because their jobs were taken away from them and given to cheaper imported workers who have no interest in living here, only in working here so they can send our their money home. There were no subprime loans in America's booming economy of 1998. Sure Barney Frank helped contribute, but that's not the prime cause. No jobs, no mortgages. At least not ones Americans can afford. The banks too are complicit in this: they give out too many loans and run the housing values way up in boom times due to excessive demand, then they flood the labor market and collapse the economy by laying everyone off. Homeowners who have been making payments for years lose all that cash, plus the interest, plus the house too - the banks end up with the money and the property. Pretty nice deal - if you're a banker.

Record federal debt? Nah - suplus elimination by the Fed banksters who control us. In 1998 Bill Clinton sequaled "We've cured the business cycle". Greenspan chimed in: "We should use the Federal surplus to pay down the national debt". Uh oh. Red warning alarms going off in every Fed building in the country (and in a lot of castles in Europe and in The City in England too). Surpluses put bankers out of business. A boom like the 90s lets everyone pay cash. No need to borrow much. Bankers don't like that. Hence, since they control our money supply through the Fed (it's illegal for the U.S. government to issue its own money due to The Federal Reserve Act of 1913), something had to be done. But what? First they tried Open Source to try to kill the value of proprietary software. That didn't work - smart companies continued to protect their inventions. The banksters finally figured out the best way to wreck an economy is to flood it with unproductive workers and replace the super-productive ones who are creating the boom. When salaries are high, tax revenues go up too. When salaries are low, tax revenues go down. Hence, to stop a surplus, all one has to do is get rid of the highly-paid workers, and replace the with lower-paid ones. If you can actually destroy the jobs in the processs, you put the brakes on the economy even more. Hence another reason for the flood of IQ81 people from India replacing America's most brilliant American workers whose IQs are in the 140 range.

That did the trick - that and pilling on even more debt through never-ending unecessary wars which cost billions.

So now you know the history of how the American economy was really wrecked - don't let the blow-dried morons on the news fool you.
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11/20/2011 | 7:25:24 AM
re: Indian Outsourcing Model 'Over,' Says HCL Exec
Companies ruined or almost ruined by imported Indian labor

Adaptec - Indian CEO Subramanian Sundaresh fired.
AIG (signed outsourcing deal in 2007 in Europe with Accenture Indian frauds, collapsed in 2009)
AirBus (Qantas plane plunged 650 feet injuring passengers when its computer system written by India disengaged the auto-pilot).
Apple - R&D CLOSED in India in 2006.
Australia's National Australia Bank (Outsourced jobs to India in 2007, nationwide ATM and account failure in late 2010).
Bell Labs (Arun Netravalli took over, closed, turned into a shopping mall)
Boeing Dreamliner ES software (written by HCL, banned by FAA)
Bristol-Myers-Squibb (Trade Secrets and documents stolen in U.S. by Indian national guest worker)
Caymas - Startup run by Indian CEO, French director of dev, Chinese tech lead. Closed after 5 years of sucking VC out of America.
Caterpillar misses earnings a mere 4 months after outsourcing to India, Inc.
Circuit City - Outsourced all IT to Indian-run IBM and went bankrupt shortly thereafter.
ComAir crew system run by 100% Indian IT workers caused the 12/25/05 U.S. airport shutdown when they used a short int instead of a long int
Computer Associates - Former CEO Sanjay Kumar, an Indian national, sentenced to 12 years in federal prison for accounting fraud.
Deloitte - 2010 - this Indian-packed consulting company is being sued under RICO fraud charges by Marin Country, California for a failed solution.
Dell - call center (closed in India)
Delta call centers (closed in India)
Fannie Mae - Hired large numbers of Indians, had to be bailed out. Indian logic bomb creator found guilty and sent to prison.
GM - Was booming in 2006, signed $300 million outsourcing deal with Wipro that same year, went bankrupt 3 years later
HP - Got out of the PC hardware business in 2011 and can't compete with Apple's tablets. HP was taken over by Indians and Chinese in 2001. So much for 'Asian' talent!
HSBC ATMs (software taken over by Indians, failed in 2006)
Intel Whitefield processor project (cancelled, Indian staff canned)
JetStar Airways computer failure brings down Christchurch airport on 9/17/11. JetStar is owned by Quantas - which is know to have outsourced to India, Inc.
Lehman (Spectramind software bought by Wipro, ruined, trashed by Indian programmers)
Medicare - Defrauded by Indian national doctor Arun Sharma & wife in the U.S.
Microsoft - Employs over 35,000 H-1Bs. Stock used to be $100. Today it's lucky to be over $25. Not to mention that Vista thing.
MIT Media Lab Asia (canceled)
MyNines - A startup founded and run by Indian national Apar Kothari went belly up after throwing millions of America's VC $ down the drain.
PeopleSoft (Taken over by Indians in 2000, collapsed).
PepsiCo - Slides from #1 to #3 during Indian CEO Indra Nooyi' watch.
Polycom - Former senior executive Sunil Bhalla charged with insider trading.
Qantas - See AirBus above
Quark (Alukah Kamar CEO, fired, lost 60% of its customers to Adobe because Indian-written QuarkExpress 6 was a failure)
Rolls Royce (Sent aircraft engine work to India in 2006, engines delayed for Boeing 787, and failed on at least 2 Quantas planes in 2010, cost Rolls $500m).
SAP - Same as Deloitte above in 2010.
Singapore airlines (IT functions taken over in 2009 by TCS, website trashed in August, 2011)
Skype (Madhu Yarlagadda fired)
State of Indiana $867 million FAILED IBM project, IBM being sued
State of Texas failed IBM project.
Sun Micro (Taken over by Indian and Chinese workers in 2001, collapsed, had to be sold off to Oracle).
UK's NHS outsourced numerous jobs including health records to India in mid-2000 resulting in $26 billion over budget.
Union Bank of California - Cancelled Finacle project run by India's InfoSys in 2011.
United - call center (closed in India)
Victorian Order of Nurses, Canada (Payroll system screwed up by SAP/IBM in mid-2011)
Virgin Atlantic (software written in India caused cloud IT failure)
World Bank (Indian fraudsters BANNED for 3 years because they stole data).

I could post the whole list here but I don't want to crash any servers.
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11/18/2011 | 4:39:46 PM
re: Indian Outsourcing Model 'Over,' Says HCL Exec
@PMMcDougall: Shame on you for replying to this moron & validating his comments. Read through his bigoted drivel again. Anyone who dumps a huge group of people in one competence level based on a few personal experiences, is pretty narrow-minded.

Do I like outsourcing? *NO*. It is hugely profitable for the big name companies on both sides - those in US that outsource & those in India that cater to them. But it sucks for employees on both sides - raising resentment in one group & demeaning the other at many levels. But anyone who extrapolates this dislike to paint all engineers with a wide brush based simply on their race is a complete moron.

If you continue such sensationalist articles in InformationWeek, I will be done with this site & seek my tech news somewhere else.
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11/16/2011 | 4:09:59 AM
re: Indian Outsourcing Model 'Over,' Says HCL Exec
[email protected]#[email protected]!#$G!!!!!

Can ANYONE here form a coherent thought or speak English? FFS!

Algonquian_Cougar, get off the booze.

As for the article:
83,000 * .12 = 9960 - 8000 = 1,960

They want to hire 1,960 Americans. Whupee...Wait a moment...

"About 40% of HCL's current U.S.-based workers are Americans or green card holders; the rest are on H-1B and other temporary visas."

So 40% of those 1,960 are going to come from India? How is Massive, pervasive Visa FRAUD "The end to the Indian Outsourcing Model"?

Because, that's what this article is about. FRAUD, and "trendy" managers think you know, if they can hire someone ELSE to commit the crime and they benefit from it hey. Why not steal the lollipop from the baby if there's no repercussions?

You know what the big problem is with Outsourcing? What happens when your competitors outsource to the same companies you do. HP, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Acer, IBM, et cetra all decided it'd be a good idea to reap some savings by outsourcing their motherboard manufacture to ASUS and Quantum. Guess who's building Laptops, Netbooks, and Desktops now and undercutting them? It's pervasive in the IT industry and one of the reasons PAAS/SAAS make no sense in most areas. Those new companies are going to "cut out" the U.S. management as the middlemen and undercut them just like U.S. management did to them.

More importantly, you see companies specializing their employee's into oblivion; One guy handles the networking, one guy handling Active Directory, Another handling Messaging Applications, another handling Server and Virtualization Support. I saw a Job ad the other day; 120k/year for handling JUST Active Directory Architecture. Nobody goes for the multidisciplinary way anymore for fear management might think "Oh he doesn't have enough years in CISCO, IBM, [insert another big-name brand Doohickey here]".

I find it entertaining "cloud" and "mobility" and considered "key areas". Can we get a previous CTO to write an article, for once? I've worked with several; they could write something a million times more interesting than this drivel!!!!

I'm tired of reading writing this garbage. I'm going to bed and the next time I see an "Informationweek" article I'm going to ignore it. I promise myself that. It just isn't relevant information.
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11/15/2011 | 6:30:18 PM
re: Indian Outsourcing Model 'Over,' Says HCL Exec
@Algonquian_Cougar: Would like to point out that we've done many stories on some of the negatives/risks associated with outsourcing, such as this one: And this one: Paul McDougall
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11/15/2011 | 3:35:53 AM
re: Indian Outsourcing Model 'Over,' Says HCL Exec
A better solution to lowering IT costs is: 1) Automation of administration 2) Stop buying the most costly IT products on the market with functionality you, in 95% of the cases, do not need (e.g. Oracle DB, anything Microsoft, Cisco networking, EMC storage).
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11/15/2011 | 3:31:53 AM
re: Indian Outsourcing Model 'Over,' Says HCL Exec
True, if you are going to India purely to lower costs, that is over. It is a giant hassle to manage a team on the other side of the world and the costs, after you factor in all of the partner management oversight, are comparable to local talent.
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