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10 Holiday Party Attire Atrocities

Remember, this is Christmas, not Halloween, and this is a company event, not Vegas. What happens at the company party does not stay at the company party.

Welcome to the office holiday party: that annual perfect storm of co-workers, cocktails, revelry, and awkward moments.

We sincerely hope awkwardness doesn't trump fun at your company events. But if it does, don't make things more awkward by dressing like a fool.

Besides the obvious advice to dress tastefully -- ladies, that means avoiding skimpy dresses, and gentlemen, avoid shirts unbuttoned to the sternum -- we'd also like to warn you about overdoing your holiday attire to the point of being bizarre, or underplaying it to the point of being rude. The important thing is to walk the line of dressing formal without being boring, casual without being unkempt, and merry without being tacky.

Not to stereotype, but IT folks are not known for their fashion radar. Combine that with their independent, creative streak and you might witness some irreverent or over-the-top outfits. But this slideshow isn't only for IT staffers. Any employee can show up in holiday threads that cross the line. So this is for you, antler-and-red-nose-wearing sales guy. And you, overly enthusiastic marketing gal wearing an elaborate Santa hat that jingles when you move your head. But also you, hipster developer who's wearing what he wore to last week's Vampire Weekend show.

You want to dress festively, but avoid being garish or weird. Remember: A company party is a great occasion to unwind and socialize with colleagues, but you don't want to end up chatting with the CIO about digital disruption and data analytics while wearing a snowman sweater adorned with flashing lights. Should he take you seriously?

Remember, this is Christmas, not Halloween, and this is a company event, not Vegas. What happens at the company party does not stay at the company party. So act and dress accordingly.

Do dress up. Wear a red dress mixed with some green flourishes; wear a vibrant Christmas scarf or candy-cane colored tie, or even a Santa hat (no bells or lights please). Pin a sprig of holly on your sports coat. Get into the spirit of the season with your wardrobe; just don't turn yourself into a cartoon.

As a visual guide of "don'ts" we've put together some of the most cringe-worthy Christmas party get-ups we were able to find. Happy holidays!

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