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Bob Evans
Bob Evans

Global CIO: Cloud Computing's New Name: 500 Reader Suggestions!

The CEOs of HP and IBM say "cloud computing" is a lousy name, so we asked you to come up with a new term--and your 500 responses tell us a lot about ourselves.

You folks are the greatest audience in the world, and while you never disappoint when we ask for your ideas and input, you've really outdone yourselves this time! Noting that the CEOs of the two largest IT companies in the world--Mark Hurd of HP and Sam Palmisano of IBM--have both recently said they think "cloud computing" is a lousy name, we asked for your help in coming up with the best possible replacement.

I like to think that our offer of $100,000,000.00 for the best name had nothing to do with the outpouring of ideas and energy and contributions from all of you--and heck, even if I didn't think that, it would be too bad anyway because my colleague Rob Preston, whom I selflessly volunteered to donate the prize money so he could gain everlasting gratitude from all of us, has informed me that all of his discretionary cash is untouchable right now as he's invested it with a big-shot money guy in New York named Madoff.

After reading every entry and replying to as many of you as possible, I am humbled by your generosity and creativity, and by your willingness to engage in an exercise that's a little bit whimsical but that also reveals a great deal about our current perspectives, outlooks, and aspirations. Your list is wildly diverse, often humorous, and always compelling.

While I love all of your entries, I have to say that a few of my favorites are Cloud 9, Univac, the Matrix, and Rain. But with more than 500 nominations in this list, you'll be sure to find your own favorites--enjoy the list you've created, open your brains to your peers' suggestions, and as soon as Preston can get this Madoff whatsisname to release some walking-around money, we'll resume the contest and dish out some cold, hard cash.

So it is with great pleasure that we share your ideas for cloud computing's new name, listed in chronological order. Thanks again to everyone!

*Centralized server computing (CSC), from Manesh

*SkyNet, from Mike

*Out Run, OutRun Computing, OutRun Processing, Outprocessed Computing, Outsourced Computing--from Luiz

*Data Grid, Compute Capacity on Demand, from Ashar

*Location Independent Computing, Location Independent Behaviour, Location Independent Components, from Gary *Vbusiness; vBusiness; vComputing; Vcomputing, from Carrie

*virtual outside computing (VOC), or virtual outsourced computing, or virtual computing (VC), from Mark

*Remote Host Applications (RHA), Remote Host Computing (RHC), Remote Service Access (RSA), Remote Computing Farm (RCF), Internet Service Access (ISA), InterComputing, from Paul

*Business Ready Technology, Retisis (ready to use IT systems), Tefob (technology for business), from Alper

*Global Computing Architecture, Global Computing Infrastructure, from Doug

*Doug also offered these doozies: Universally-available Virtualized Accessible Computing (UNIVAC); also, HAL (Highly Available Logical computation platform); and Universally-available Platform for Terrestrial Infrastructure utilizing Modal Environments (UPTIME); The Matrix; and SkyNet

*Offsite Scalable Computing (OSC), from Stuart, who says, "CEOs and CIOs will like this term because it conveys a sense of a managed, dynamic, computing environment. IT users can easily relate to the term." *HAN Hosted Area Network or Hosted Anywhere Network, from Chris

*RHDS (Remotely Hosted Data Services), from Nate

*Flexible Computer Architecture, or Flex Computing, from Upesh

*EPIC = Enterprise Peer Information Center BEND = Datacenter Network for Enterprise Business PROFIT = Platform Resources for Outsourced inFrastructure in Information Technology DROP = Data Resources Organization Peer RAIN = Resource Aplications Information Network PAIN = Peer Applications Information Network OIT = Outsourced IT 3rd-Party Distributed Systems iCloud -- from Daniel

*From Robert, Virtual Redux; and also one of my favorites: "Pie in the Sky"

*From Corky, a novella: Cosmos Resource Computing; Balanced Virtual Computing; Basic Virtual Balance Computing; Centralized Virtual Dynamic Computing; Cosmos Computing; Cosmos Resource Computing; Dynamic Centralized Computing; Dynamic Cosmos Computing; Dynamic Cosmos Resource Computing; Dynamicly Balanced Computing; Dynamic Virtual Computing; Dynamic Virtual-Liberty Computing; Dynamic Virtual Processing; Dynamic Virtual Processing Balance; Dynamic Virtual Equilibrium Computing; Dynamic Virtual Processing Essentials; Effective Virtual Processing Balance; Focal Dynamic Computing; Focal Essential Processing; Virtual Mainframe Computing; Virtual Resource Computing.

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*VS for Virtual Services, from Joel

*Service Delivery Platform, from Jasmeet

*NetLink, NetSource, AppsToGo, AppCenter, AppCentral, AppSource, Brain, VirtualBrain, VBrain, from Deborah

*URC - Unit of Remote Capability, from Raphael

*"FRESH Net": Flexible, Redundant, Expandable, Software & Hardware delivered over the Internet, from Gavin

*Another of my favorites: Cloud 9, from Marcus

*Synergy Computing, from Lloyd

*Largestnetwork, from Richard

*And check out this power platform from Kumar:

Nuclear Computing, Thermonuclear computing, Thermonuclear network, Fission Computing, Fusion Computing, Fusion Network, Computer Neutrons, Computer Fusion, Computer Fission, Software fusion, Software fission--from Kumar

*Utility computing, from Jerald

*Internet Intelligence, Internet Collective Intelligence, Internet Databear, Internet DataCargo, Intenet Data Striker, Intenet Data paradigm, Interner Server paradigm, from Kamala

*VISP - virtual infrastructure service provider, or HISP - hosted infrastructure service provider for the public cloud providers, from Sean

*LDC or Logical Distributed Computing, from Michael

*On this one, I admire the guy's single-mindedness but doubt his selflessness: Compuline, which is the name of G.K.'s company

*Service Oriented Infrastructure (SOI), Infrastructure Oriented Service (IOS), Infrastructure As Service (IAS), Virtual Infrastructure As Service (VIAS), Virtual Secure Infrastructure As Service (VSIS or VSIAS), Secure Virtual Infrastructure As Service (SVIS or SVIAS), from Piyush

*Business Fusion Computing, Business Fusion, from Tom

*Robust Processing, Robust Computing, or Services When Needed (SWN, pronounced swin), from Howard

*Platform and Infrastructure as a Service (PIS), from Leandro

*Clear sky services (Class). Thats what it is class computing, from Dick

*OSTS - One Stop Technology Shop! FTFL - Future Technology For Life, BAAP Computing - Business Aps with Amazing Power ( BAAP - also means Father in Indian Language ( Hindi) ), NGC - Next Generation Computing, NBA - New Life for Business Aps, Elastic Computing Stretch your limits, from Avinash

*VEI or VIES for Virtualized Enterprise Infrastructure, from Scott

*Virtual Pooled Infrastructure or Virtual Infrastructure Pool, from Dan

*V'GER - Virtual Global Enterprise Resources, or Skynet, from Peter

*Process Outsourcing, from Guy

*Dynamic computing, from Don

*Subscription computing , from Abhijeet

*Collective consciousness computing, Intercontinental Consciousness Computing, Program Pangaea, from Brendan ("I like the idea of the world sort of coming together in its ability to share resources and apps.")

*S.O.U.R.C.E. Computing Yes, S.O.U.R.C.E is an acronym, but I think it touches on the high points (no pun intended) of what Cloud Computing brings to the industry: S (Scalable) Services on Demand, O Outsourced Resource U Utilize Use R Re-make, Re-model C Consumer Controlled, Customer Controlled E Elasticity, Elastic Ability --from Phil Parker

*Long live the cloud! from Joe

*DAVE = Dynamic Applications (in) Virtual Environments , Dynamic Applications (in a) Virtual Environment , from Lisa

*Cyberlink, from David

*HEIDE = Hyper Enabled Infrastructure (in) Dynamic Environments; HEI = Hyper Enabled Infrastructure; VSCA = Virtual Synthesis (of) Computing Applications; Dynamic Environments Hosting Virtual Infrastructures (DEHVI); Dynamic Virtual Host Environment; Hyper Workstations (in/through) Virtual Environments; Hyper Access to Infrastructure Environments, from Lisa

*Cyber computing, from Joe

*Virtual Data Center, from Mark

*In the short-but-sweet category: Web 4.0, from Aaron

*inSynch computing, from Mandy

*Swarm, from James

*Fusion; Praetorian Computing ("leader"); Rapture, from Reese

*Transformative Computing Environment: TCE will improve the TCO of your ITO. It wouldn't be right to not use an acronym for a new significant IT delivery mechanism. From Paul.

*Giant Computing: group of interconnected always-available nascent technology, or giant is a net term, or giant is a new technology, for the self referencing kind; also, Grand Computing (general rapid application new design). From Rob.

*WAN-abe (like "wannabe"), from Scott

*SC=Shared Computer, CC=Cloud Computer, from Jamie

*Virtual Computing, Pool Computing, Pooled Infrastructure computing, Aggregate capacity computing, Dynamic Computing, Dynamic Resource Computing, from Boon Ee

*Hosted Information Technology System (HITS), or Hosted Information Technology Services (HITS), or Hosted Information Technology System and Services (HITSS); also, Business Process Outsourcing over Internet (BPO-i), or IT Process Outsourcing over Internet (ITPO-i); also, IT Services over Internet (ISI), or IT Infrastracture on Internet (III), or IT System on Internet (ISI); also, Online Business Process Outsourcing (O-BPO) or Online IT Services Outsourcing (OISO); also, Cyber Computing Outsourcing (CCO). From Ferdz

*Inclusive Computing (IC); also "some whacky ones: Umbrella or Brolley Computing!", from Sanjay

*HP Magnet, from Imran

*NOVIBUS System: NOt VIsible BUt Scalable System, from Kirk

*On this one, I'm not totally sold on his nominations but I sure like his negotiating approach:

BizOnDemand or BizGrid--I'll give you a 5% referral fee if I win! From George.

*The Collective, from Leo

*Computing Lift (Live Instant Flexible Technology Computing); Robust Computing (Range Of Business Usable Swift Technology); Flexible Computing; Computing Heart (High Elastic Arena of Robust Technology).

*Ubiquitous, from Michelle

*WebWorld Infrastructure Services, WebWorld Computing Services, WebWorld Virtual Services, from Lynn

*Computing Grid, Application Grid, Information Grid, from Alec

*Virtual Business Infrastructure (VBI), Virtual Business Services (VBS), Virtual Business Computing (VBC), from Louis

*Flex Computing, Flex-IT, Flex-On (for "on demand"), Flex software-as--service would be called "Flexies". From Mike.

*Virtualized Computing Services, Virtualized Application Services, Virtualized Platform Services, Virtualized Security Services, Virtualized Desktop Services, and Virtualized Infrastructure Services. From Eric.

*Logical computing.

*Pervasive Computing, from Doug

*Virtual Enterprise Network Service Architecture, from William

*On this set I think William overdid the Red Bull by about half a gallon: Services Unbound, Virtual Bazaar, Web Bazaar, Net Bazaar, Universal Bazaar, Services without Borders, Limitless Computing, Virtual Market, Virtually Exchanged Service Platform Architecture (VESPA), Virtually Exchanged Service Trade (VEST), Freedom Reigns Over Services Traded - Virtually (FROST-V), Computing Actualized Today, Freedom For Computing (FFC), Computing Released, Computing Unbound, Computing Achieved Beyond Local Entities (CABLE), Computing Realty has Achieved Platonic Ideal (CRAPI) lol, Computing Reality Achieved Freedom To Energize (CRAFTE), Computing Reality Actualizes Virtually Energized Services (CRAVES). From William.

*DDE Data Distribution Environment; CDC Customer DataCenter, from Evan

*Shared Computing Infrastructure SCI; or Shared Virtual Infrastructure SVI; or Shared Computing Resources SCR. From Leos.

*SkyNet; also, UCI ubiquitous computing infrastructure. From Thomas. (I think that's the third separate nomination of SkyNet.)

*Techno Computing, Cyber-Computing, Deep Space Computing, from Ted


*FITS = Full IT Service, from Wayne

*Virtual Service Infrastructure, Virtual Service Delivery Infrastructure, Virtual Infrastructure Service Architecture (VISA), from Bob

*Scale-Based Solutions, from Larry

*Now Computing, Virtual Computing, Next Computing, Flow Computing, Shared Computing, Union Computing, from Roosevelt

*Virtual Enterprise Computing (VEC), "Let Your Bits Do the Walking"; AppWorld; WAPP (World Wide Web Applications); VirtuNet Dynamic Infrastructure, "The only place to compute!"; VirtuNet On-Demand Enterprise Computing "Let Your Bits Do the Walking"; VirtuNet Enterprise Computing; VirtuComp Enterprise Service "Let Your Fingers Do the Computing"; SoftServ Enterprise Solution (SES); Managed SoftServ Infrastructure (MSI) "Serving up software with a smile"; Managed SoftServ Enterprise (MSE). From Bill.

*P.I.A.D. = Pool Initiative for Application Delivery; G.S.P. = Global Services Protocol; G.D.P. = Global Delivery Protocol. From Dave

*The Matrix, from Nadia.

*Virtual Data Bank; Clustered Data Bank; Clustered Data Centre, from Stefan

*Universal Computing, from Patrick

*Ready Access Computing, Ready Computing, Infrastructure At Your Service, Portal Computing, IT Storefront, Computing Catalog, Computing Mall. From Cathy.

*Off-Premises Services, from Lynn

*"Since clouds eventually rain": RAIN - Remote Application Infrastructure Network, from Brad

*"How about Advanced Dynamically Distributed Computing? Or ADD Computing. Half the media on these topics already suffer from ADD, so it may stick (for a month or so)." From Andy. --Bob's reply: Andy, you give the media far too much credit!

*PODS - Paradigm for On-Demand Services; SODA - Service On-demand Delivery Architecture; SAVER - Service Architecture for Virtual Efficient and Rapid deployment; SODSD - Subscription based On-Demand Service Delivery; SODAVE - Service On-demand Delivery Architecture using Virtualized Environments; SODADSC - Service On-demand Delivery Architecture using Dynamically Scalable Computers. From Raju.

*Ephemeral Computing, from Steven

*CONCEDE Computing: C omputing O n-demand N etwork C ommanding E vent D riven Environment, from Clark

*Parallel Universe Computing, Parallel Paradise Computing, Parallel Computing Analogous Computing Infrastructure, Blue Sky Computing, Secure Remote Computing, Secure Freedom Computing, from Diane

*REAPER = Remote Entity Application Processing and Electronic Resourcing. "This does not have the right connotation until you lose your job for having data lost as a result of implementing a network that ends up destroying mission critical and unrecoverable information." Tom

*Everest, from Troy

*Virtual internet network and infrastructure - vini (I came in Latin); Virtual internet data infrastructure vidi (I saw in Latin); Virtual internet communications and infrastructure vici (I conquered in Latin); Virtual internet data architecture vida (life in Spanish/Portuguese). From Jos

*"Cloud Computing = Computricity, plug into it and use what you need, just like another popular utility," from Wayne

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