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Slideshow: CES Unveiled, Cool New Products

The TechWeb/InformationWeek team of editors and producers hit Vegas two days before CES 2011 started. We headed straight for the annual CES Unveiled event, where we got a sneak peek at some gear and gadgets. The lines were long but the results well worth it. Check out this slideshow for an early look at some of the products we liked best. Also inside, find images of this year's innovation and design award winners. We saw the gamut of hardware -- everything from rapid scanning all-in-one printe

It's an all-in-one device, combining print/scan/fax/copy capabilities. The color inkjet is impressive, but this model's standout feature is its cutting edge scanning technology.

Using a built-in 10 megapixel camera, it scans by snapping an actual photo of documents. This transforms them from a paper to digital version in as few as three seconds. You can preview your scan immediately on the front of the Genesis. A suite of some 40 apps adds even more functionality to the Genesis. Such apps let you easily send images to cloud products TripIt or Evernote. Not too shabby for around $399 SRP.

Side view of the Lexmark Genesis showing the paper holder

View inside showing the RGB lenses.

This view shows how the door opens revealing the glass where paper images are placed. When the door is closed the Genesis instantly captures the images. There is also a ridge at the top of the window that will hold paper that is smaller than 8 x11 inches.

Sonomax's SonoFit Custom Fitting System provides quality, comfort and safety in a truly form fitting package.

SonoFit's Sculpted Eers create customized earpieces molded to fit perfectly into your uniquely shaped ear canals. SonoFit's single-use, recyclable headband houses their patented modular earpiece, pair of inflation pumps and proprietary medical grade silicone compound. In four minutes, the silicone safely forms to your ears' specific shape.

Sonomax's single and dual driver earphones are molded to fit perfectly in your unique ear canals.

SonoFit's custom-molded earphones take only 4 minutes to create with Sonomax SonoFit system. The PCS-100, a single driver earphone, and the PCS-200, a dual driver earphone, provide the ultimate in performance, comfort and safety.

Celestron's SkyProdigy telescope automatically aligns itself to maximize your cosmic experience.

Celestron's SkyProdigy is an innovative telescope that features StarSense, a radically new way to explore the cosmos. In less than 3 minutes, the StarSense moves and adjusts the SkyProdigy telescope without any user intervention at all. Where most telescopes rely on the user's steady hands and patience to manually locate and center known celestial bodies, Celestron's SkyProdigy with StarSense automatically aligns the telescope to the best astronomical objects currently visible from the user's specific location.

iGo's eco-friendly mobile accessories and power management solutions are winning awards at CES 2011.

iGo is bringing a range of new and innovative products to the mobile accessory and power management markets. iGo's eco-friendly product portfolio continues to expand, including pocket-sized projectors, USB charging devices, cooling pads and noise-canceling headphones.

DriveNTalk is pushing hands-free mobile technology to new limits.

DriveNTalk'sinnovative new products, including the Klat 7, BHF-1700, BHF-1800 and BHF-2000, are voice enabled, allowing drivers to clearly and safely communicate, send SMS, email and SNS messages all by speaking into the car kit.

Cobra's PhoneLynx uses Bluetooth to keep your cell phone calls grounded.

With Cobra's PhoneLynx BT 215 Bluetooth adapter, reduce your phone bill by making and receiving cell phone calls from any landline in the house.

Cobra's Universal SmartPhone Vent Mount Brackets makes mounting your cell phone a breeze.

Cobra's Universal SmartPhone Vent Mount does exactly what it says it does; it mounts to your car's AC vents, allowing for portrait and landscape viewing without obstructing your view of the road.

AMD's new family of APUs allow consumers to get better battery life, better video quality and better gaming for much better prices.

AMD is winning Innovation Awards for Design and Engineering at CES 2011 because of their new family of Accelerated Processor Units. These APUs allow for full 1080p video, longer battery lives for $400, meaning consumers can buy notebooks with better video quality and better gaming experiences for a lower cost.

SPOT Connect keeps you connected no matter where you are.

SPOT Connect uses Bluetooth technology to pair your iPhone or Android device to communication satellites, letting you send messages and GPS coordinates from anywhere in the world.

Withings Smart Baby Monitor lets you spy on your baby or her sitter from your smartphone.

Withings has won Innovation Awards at CES 2011 for their list of devices, including the Smart Baby Monitor. This discreet device will let you monitor your baby from your iPhone no matter where you are.

Withings' Blood Pressure Monitor lets you feel like a doctor.

Withings' Blood Pressure Monitor lets you monitor, measure, track and save your vitals via your smart phone. This USB enabled device lets you take your blood pressure, store it securely, and send it to your doctor.

Liquid Image's Scuba Series goggles.

Gina Smith dons Liquid Image's Summit Series goggles.

Liquid Image has capitalized on the trend of recording extreme sports by mounting an HD camera on a long list of goggles. From SCUBA diving to skiing and snowboarding to motocross, Liquid Image's has got your experience covered.

Liquid Image has capitalized on the trend of recording extreme sports by mounting an HD camera on a long list of goggles. From SCUBA diving to skiing and snowboarding to motocross, Liquid Image's has got your experience covered.

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