Application Integration Vendors Form Standards Group

More than 20 enterprise application-integration vendorsgathered yesterday in Chicago to declare their determinationto bring order and standards to the rapidly growing market.The group, which includes prominent EAI vendors such as BEASystems, Bluestone Software, Constellar, CrossWorldsSoftware, Frontec, New Era of Networks, Vitria Technology,as well as technology giants such as IBM, Hewlett-Packard,and Oracle, unveiled the formation of the EnterpriseIntegration Standards Council (EISC) at the DCI EnterpriseApplications Integration Conference.

The group will attempt to find a place in its standards forall of the methods currently used by application-integrationvendors. It has no plans to create a technology that willreplace industry messaging and language standards such asExtensible Markup Language, Corba, or Component ObjectModel, but will try to incorporate them in a standardsframework. "An integration standard, by its nature, requiresinclusion of all of those things," says David McGoveran,founder of the EISC and president of consulting firmAlternative Technologies. "We want to make use of what'salready out there."

The first deliverable from the group will be an onlinedictionary, due in June, that will let users and vendorsenter application-integration definitions and practices sothat IT organizations attempting EAI will have someguidelines. Next, and more important, will be a frameworkthat attempts to plot an application-integrationarchitecture both in terms of business goals and technology.The goal, says the group, is to help users decide whatbusiness processes, standards, and technology are best fortheir needs.

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