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Whitepaper: Five Questions to Ask Before Choosing Responsive Web Design for Your Financial Services Firm

by NagarroApr 01, 2014

Growing numbers of banks and financial service organizations are adopting responsive web design to address heated demand for multi-device application access. Should your firm do the same? Though responsive design may not always be the best solution to your mobility needs, it offers extremely attractive advantages, and is a powerful option to increase the number of customers who can use your applications effectively. If you're a CXO, IT leader, or business executive looking for increased customer satisfaction, support efficiencies, and build competitive advantage for your financial services firm, read this white paper. It highlights five key considerations that are essential to assess whether responsive web design is the right choice for your financial services organization.

You will learn:
�Opportunity for competitive advantage is available due to low user satisfaction with current mobile technologies offered by financial service institutions
�Responsive design offers numerous benefits, with a few limitations
�Which banks and financial services firms are the early adopters of responsive web design
�Do you really need responsive web design?
�Misconceptions, timing and risk considerations

Whitepaper: Five Tips for a Successful SharePoint Launch

by NagarroApr 01, 2014

The success or failure of a SharePoint implementation depends on how well business leaders and IT have planned and implemented it. This white paper explains some of the common pitfalls enterprises face when they rollout SharePoint and how these simple but expensive errors can be avoided.If you're a CXO, IT leader, or business executive who wants to ensure the success of your SharePoint initiative, read this white paper.

You will learn:
� Simple strategies for increasing SharePoint ROI
� Content-related mistakes and how to avoid them
� How to ensure smooth departmental, enterprise-wide, and global rollouts
� Common barriers to user adoption and ongoing engagement
� How to ensure SharePoint's long-term value to the business

Whitepaper: Have You Overlooked the Obvious? 12 Ways to Win Major Value with SharePoint Apps

by NagarroApr 01, 2014

Many IT and business leaders quietly admit their usage of SharePoint has not kept up with available functionality, even though the recent launch of SharePoint 2013 has been very successful. These executives are missing out on enhancing their return on investment. Extraordinary value lies within their reach with the Apps model of SharePoint 2013, which they could tap into for a surge in corporate efficiency.

The Apps model for SharePoint offers powerful new functionality and convenience, allowing firms to convert their previous SharePoint infrastructure into true enterprise platforms, with a minimum of effort. Find out 12 major benefits you could exploit for your firm's advantage with your SharePoint installation, quickly and easily.

Written for IT and business leaders, this white paper provides:

� An overview of the Apps model for SharePoint;
� Major benefits of SharePoint Apps, along with challenges they pose;
� Advice on when to put this tool into action, and when to think twice;
� Tips on assessing whether to build custom apps for your organization, and improving your ROI calculations.