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Whitepaper: Minimizing cost and risk for capital markets: Industrialized operations in the back office

by Genpact Headstrong Capital MarketsDec 20, 2013

As the events of the financial crisis grow more distant with each year that passes, the search for a sustainable operating model for capital markets operations is intensifying. Costs are escalating while the deleveraging of the business model has stunted the growth of the industry's US$340 billion in annual revenues. As a result, the call for a transformational change in the back office have grown louder. Banks must reassess their definition of "core" operations and determine how to industrialize their current operating structure. Industrialized operations use specialized process, people, and technology practices to execute transactions more robustly with the flexibility to accommodate fluctuations in the scope and scale of a business. Global Business Services (GBS), the next step in the evolution of shared services, streamlines business functions and industrialize a firm's operations resulting in improved scalability, lower costs, and optimized processes. This facilitates better decision making, flexibility, and nimbler pursuit of growth for all firms trying to mitigate the contracting margins industry wide.

Whitepaper: Genpact sets up and runs an investment banks virtual captive, delivers six hundred percent greater trade throughput at twenty percent lower cost

by Genpact Headstrong Capital MarketsDec 20, 2013

When in 2006, the corporate and investment banking arm of one of Europe's largest banks, needed to reduce its risk prole by focusing on simpler 'vanilla' trades - they also had to ensure the volume of such trades increased signicantly to oset the reduced protability. With the limited back-oce capability supporting this trade and it's obsolete systems, it was challenge for the bank to cope with the rising volume of trades. So we partnered with Calypso to implement the Calypso trading application and create the core of a back oce that would also meet future needs.
Since then, this engagement that has grown from 10 employees supporting a single application to a team of 130+ consultants that support multiple business critical applications for the client's trading operations in 5 global nancial capitals.

Whitepaper: Automating the QA process leads to $11 MM business impact for a global financial services firm

by Genpact Headstrong Capital MarketsDec 20, 2013

A US-based nancial services powerhouse with a presence in wealth management, institutional securities and investment management was working with a number of vendors to augment its own Quality Assurance (QA) teams. Managing multiple vendors in dierent silos led to high overhead costs.

Because the rm's QA teams operated at a relatively low level of automation, managing testing operations involved enormous manual eorts. This in turn led to high costs and unwanted delays each time market changes aected the rm's market facing applications or regulatory changes aected its internal processing.

There was a denite need to automate the rm's Quality Assurance processes and reduce its "cost of quality".