Dell Red Hat Cloud Solutions Overview WhitePaper

Aug 12, 2014

Download Ever wondered how you could respond more rapidly to IT customer demands? Re-architect your storage infrastructure? Provide agile software build and scale-testing environments for cloud applications? Optimize and deliver mobile apps, collaboration apps, and analytics apps? Learn how, with a Dell Red Hat Enterprise Cloud Solutions private cloud deployment.

Dell Red Hat Cloud Solutions include a validated reference architecture that is built and delivered by Dell and that runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform-a platform that combines the industry-leading Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system and OpenStack technology. This paper reviews how Dell Red Hat Cloud Solutions make enterprises successful with OpenStack through enterprise-grade software, certified platforms, services and complete lifecycle support. Deploy the latest version of OpenStack on an enterprise-hardened Linux platform that is backed by Dell ProSupport, Red Hat's extended software support, certified ecosystem, and commitment to open-source technology.


Dell / Red Hat