Information Security Buyer's Guide

Aug 01, 2014

Download This Buyer's Guide will aid organizations in specifying information security solutions for rapid detection and resolution. The need for these solutions has never been greater as organizations struggle to fight a deluge of sophisticated cyber threats and breaches. Many go undetected until it's too late to do much more than conduct triage, assess the damage and initiate massive shareholder and public damage control. This situation puts board members, c-suite executives and security experts in the hot seat and has accelerated the push to move away from manual, piecemeal practices and progress towards a level of automation that achieves rapid detection and resolution.

The security industry realizes the need for integration, automation and collaboration, and as a result solution providers are all racing to release "next-generation" technologies to meet demand. Due to myriad software choices, an abundance of service providers and the fact that all vendors are making the same claims, only the organizations with nearly unlimited technical resources could conduct an exhaustive review of all providers in the market, let alone determine which capabilities are necessary to optimize its technology infrastructure.


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