Running on Faith-The Risk of Inadequate Network Testing

by Spirent

May 25, 2014

Download In many organisations, network infrastructure testing is neglected or overlooked. Yet Gartner estimates low-end computer network downtime costs $42,000 per hour. For a large company, the cost could be over ten times that.

In 2011, Sony Playstation's network was compromised – exposing the personal information of 77 million users. This created a 24-day outage and cost Sony over $24 billion. The same year an outage left Blackberry users without services for four days - crippling RIM's competitive position.

The cost of a test platform that delivers test realism is a fraction of the costs resulting from outages or security breaches. Best-practice enterprise network testing discovers performance limitations and validates vendor claims during acquisition; performs due diligence of proof-of-concept for network designs or upgrades; and plans for headroom and growth.

This paper reveals how inadequate testing is as bad as no testing. It creates a false sense of security. Effective testing requires proper tools, methodologies and expertise.