Three Guiding Principles for Data Security and Compliance

by IBM

Jul 01, 2014

Download The information explosion, the proliferation of endpoint devices, growing user volumes and new computing models like cloud, social business and big data have created new vulnerabilities. Data security is a moving target - as data grows, more sophisticated threats emerge; the number of regulations increase; and changing economic times make it difficult to secure and protect data.

Because data is a critical component of daily business operations, it is essential to ensure privacy and protect data no matter where it resides. Different types of information have different protection requirements; therefore, organizations must take a holistic and systematic approach to safeguarding information.

IBM solutions for data security and privacy are designed to support this holistic approach and incorporate intelligence to proactively address IT threats and enterprise risks. Read three guiding principles that will help organizations achieve better security and compliance without impacting production systems or straining already-tight budgets:

• Understand and Define

• Secure and Protect

• Monitor and Audit