BI for the SMB: Unlocking Hidden Business Insight to Drive Profit

Jan 13, 2012

Download Past research has shown that business intelligence (BI) implementations were typically adopted by the most technically savvy and well-staffed IT organizations at the enterprise level. However, companies of all sizes are now discovering ways to equip business users with timely and relevant data without having to allocate the money, time or resources typical of traditional enterprise-level BI deployment.

As a result of this evolution, top performers within the SMB market (small to medium businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees) are using BI to manage and transform more mission-critical data into timely insights, resulting in substantial improvements in performance.

This Aberdeen Group benchmark report is based on feedback from 388 SMB organizations across the globe. The results of the study highlight some of the unique advantages a smaller workforce can have when considering how to maximize the value of BI implementation ? and best-in-class steps for building a solid business case to move forward.


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