SAS® High-Performance Analytics

by SAS

May 21, 2012

Download Faster results and high-impact outcomes enable organizations to think of scenarios that were never before possible. Instant results allow these smarter organizations to take advantage of market changes well before their competitors do.

This paper introduces SAS High-Performance Analytics, and explains how this new offering from SAS, and partners EMC Greenplum and Teradata, offers game-changing benefits to businesses.

All analysts know that creating analytical models and running the models against large volumes of data is an iterative process that takes time. If the process can be sped up, it increases the number of iterations that can be run and that increases accuracy. High-performance capabilities provide analysts the opportunity to go back and re-examine their models. They can ask, "Could we have produced better results? Could these models be improved? What if I moved different variables in or out?" By bringing the analytic processing time down, by making a job that runs in 10 hours run in 50 seconds, analysts have more time to work with the model to improve them.

SAS High-Performance Analytics lets decision makers ask these difficult questions more frequently, and make market entry and exit decisions confidently. Armed with this information, it can mean the difference between being a market leader or follower.

Specific case scenarios illustrate how organizations across all industries use analytics to stay ahead of their markets and achieve competitive advantage.